Why Is Google Docs So Slow? – How to Fix

Google-introduced working space that includes Docs, sheets, slides, and many more have been able to grease the wheels of many careers. The specialty in this workspace is the use of the same browser you use to surf the internet without installing any software or application. Now the platform is used by over 3 billion people. There are many benefits that individuals and companies have received with this revolutionary introduction. However, why is Google Docs so slow? This could be a probable state that you sometimes come across. We are going to solve the case in this article. 

What Is Google Docs? 

Google Docs can be named as a word processor service offered by Google. This handy working platform collaborates with many people in different locations to work on the same doc and allows them to see the current changes. There is no need to save the Docs in separate storage on your computers as they are automatically saved safely in the Google cloud.

Google also offers spreadsheet and presentation services together with Docs. You are not charged for any of these services; you will only need a Google account to get access. You can refer to a Google doc you saved via drive.google.com. There you have to enter your username and password. After that, all the saved items will be shown, and you can open the desired ones.

Why Is Google Docs So Slow on PC and How to Fix?

Google Docs can be laggy due to many reasons. Some of those are the crowd with too many tabs, cookies, and cache from the websites you visit and browser problems. Please refer to the below issues and fix, following the guidelines.

  • Crowded User Interface – When you have opened too many tabs, it may be hard for Chrome to manage them. If you are not using a tab currently, close all those and keep only the required tabs open. Tabs contain the “x” sign to close them. 
  • Many Cookies in Your Bag – When you visit all most every website, there is a connection made with the files sent to your browser. By accepting the cookies, you allow permission for this process. This is a method that was developed to store the data of your visits to a certain site to increase the overall experience in the next visits. 

Cache in the browser is the memory that has stored details of the places you visited to make the next search easily accessible. 

Both these cache and cookies will lead to make the Google Docs laggy. You can clean all these by referring to the kebab (three vertical dot sign) in the top right corner of Chrome. From the dropdown list, you must go forward with the “More tools” and then on with “Clear browsing data.” There you can select a time phase and click on the boxes to mark those checked. Eventually, click on the “Clear data”, and you are free from the cookies and cache. 

Why Is Google Docs So Slow on Mobile and How to fix?

There are many reasons that cause the delay in the operation of Google Docs. We have discussed two major facts above. Those are relevant to the mobile versions too. We suggest that you should try those first. If there is nothing different, follow the steps we have explained below. You can try these methods with your PC too.

  • A simple restart– A restart will clear all the apps and recent memory. This will lead to an increase in the performance of your phone. This is the simplest method that you can try on any device if you experience a lag in your Google Docs. 
  • Troublesome newly installedapps – If the lagging occurred after a new installation, uninstall it and try typing again. Sometimes the reason could be the bunch of apps you have installed. More third-party apps mean they will consume more storage space and memory. This will lead to slow down the functioning of your device and, consequently, Google Docs activities too. You can uninstall unnecessary applications and free up some storage space. The device will boost up. 
  • Be up to date– The outdated version of your browser could be the reason to slow down your activities on Google workspace. Update your Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser, and then, the speed will be adequate.
  • Poor internet signals– Check whether your internet service provider has enough signal strength at the moment. Sometimes the signal strength varies in different locations. This could be a reason to reduce the performance of Google Docs. 
  • Browser extensions– If you have installed browser extensions to add extra functionality, it should be the reason to decrease the device performance speed. You must access the three vertical dots in Chrome and select “More tools” to remove the extensions. Then on, select “Extensions” from the list. You will be displayed with the extensions you have added, and you can simply click on the command “Remove” to uninstall those. 

Why Is Google Docs So Slow on Mac and How to Fix?

All the reasons we discussed above under the troubleshooting of a PC and a mobile are also relevant to Mac devices. You can try each and check whether there is an increment in the speed of the Goggle workspace services. 

Other than those reasons, lack of storage in your Google Drive is also a problem to cause lagging platform functions. Refer to your Google Drive via the desktop version installed on your Mac. If you have not installed such, simply go to drive.google.com, and you will see all the storage there. Delete the unnecessary and free up some space. 


Sometimes the speed will show a decrement as the files are too large. Except for the size, if your computer has low specifications, you will find issues with the Goggle workspace usage. There are many more reasons, like internet signal strength, full drive space, and troublesome apps. We have discussed many of those and the ways of troubleshooting in this article. 

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