Why iPhone not receiving texts from Android?

Why iPhone not receiving texts from Android?


What will you do if your iPhone not receiving texts from Android? Many things could be responsible for that. Your iPhone might not be receiving texts from Android due to a fault with your messaging application. 

To solve the messaging application fault, you first need to confirm three things. First, simply modify the Messaging application’s settings for MMS/SMS. To do so, go to Settings, then to Messages. From Messages, go to SMS and ensure that you enable “Group Messaging.”

Second, ensure your phone is not out of the reach of the network. The last basic thing to do if your iPhone is not receiving messages from Android is to check that your phone is working properly. Should you still not receive text messages after you have configured the SMS settings adequately, the following guide will help you.

Note: As you proceed to how to solve iPhone not receiving messages from Android, ensure that the following are in place on your iPhone:

  • Check Airplane Mode. From Settings, disable the Airplane Mode. 
  • Check network coverage. You cannot proceed if “No Network” is displayed on your iPhone status bar. 
  • Check for “Do Not Disturb” mode. “Do Not Disturb” mode must be disabled before you start fixing the problem. 

If you have endured the following prerequisites, you can then proceed to the guidelines: 

iPhone not receiving texts from Android

Fixing iPhone Not Receiving Texts from Android


Like we mentioned earlier, text messages issues could be a result of poor network coverage. If the network is not the problem, you should go ahead and troubleshoot. The reason for troubleshooting is to check whether the fault is a result of a software error or not. 

Another step to take is to ensure you have enough space for incoming messages. If the messages on your iPhone have exceeded their limits, you might not receive incoming messages. 

Consider Reloading Your Messaging Application

Who knows, maybe the reason your iPhone is not receiving messages from Android is because of the messaging app. Quit the app and reload it. In this instance, you should force close the app. 

It is not difficult to force close your iPhone messaging application. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Get to your iPhone’s s Home 
  • Swipe up your finger a little bit and then pause. 
  • Next, you need to locate the preview of your messaging app. To do that, swipe left or right. 
  • Once you locate the preview of the messaging app, close the preview by swiping up. 

You should also know that a rogue application can cause the reason why your iPhone not receiving messages from Android. The best thing for you to do in that instance is to close all background applications. 

You can close all background applications by following the above guidelines until you close all applications’ previews. 

Reset your iPhone

Some software bugs may be responsible for why your messaging app is malfunctioning. If you restart your iPhone or do a soft reset, the problem can be solved. It is not difficult to perform a soft reset on an iPhone. To do so, follow the guidelines below:

  • First, long-press the Side/Power Buttonsimultaneously with either of the Volume Down or Up buttons. To further simplify the process, just long-press the Power + Volume Up buttons simultaneously.  As you do that, you will see the Slide to Power Off menu that will appear. Once the Slide to Power off menu appears, release the Power + Volume Up  
  • Second, drag the slider to put off the iPhone. Before you proceed to the next step, ensure your iPhone is turned off completely. 
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds, then long-press the Power Button. Make sure you press it long enough until your iPhone gets rebooted. 

While you boot Android, make sure to wait for it to boot successfully. After booting, check if the problem is resolved by sending a text message from another mobile phone to your iPhone. 

Update your iOS 

This problem could be due to an update issue, especially if your messaging application is a third-party one. Simply updating your messaging application could solve your iPhone not receiving messages from Android issue. 

You should set your messaging application to check and install updates automatically. This can also be done manually. To update manually, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Scroll to Settingson your iPhone.
  • Next, select 
  • Last, selectSoftware Update

In case a new update is available, you will see it right from the Soft Update. Before you do the update, it is advisable to have a backup for your files. 

There is an on-screen guide that will direct you on how to carry out the update. Also, you should ensure your phone is well charged before the update. Lastly, ensure that your phone has a stable network and enough memory before you initiate the update. 

Try Network Reset

If network errors are responsible for message receiving challenges, you can perform a network reset. The goal of performing a network reset is to clear all network configurations and settings that are invalid. 

It is not difficult to perform a network reset on your iPhone to fix an iPhone not receiving messages from Android. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Go to Settingsfrom your iPhone home screen. 
  • Select Generalunder Settings.
  • Next, scroll down and tap Reset.
  • From the Reset options displayed, tap Reset network settings. 
  • The next stage will ask for your iPhone passcode. Enter your iPhone passcode correctly to continue. 
  • Lastly, select Confirmto initiate the network reset. 

Once you reset your iPhone network, your iPhone will automatically restart. Next, you can activate some features such as cellular data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Next, you should test if the message problem has been fixed by sending an SMS to your iPhone. 

Factory Reset

If the problem persists after you perform a network reset, you can perform a factory reset. Factory Reset will wipe all the data on your iPhone. Also, you might not be able to restore your files after the factory reset. 

Hence, you should backup all your files properly so that you can restore them easily after the factory reset. Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset:

  • Go to 
  • Select General
  • Scroll down and select Reset
  • From the Reset options, tap Erase all content and settings
  • The next stage will ask for your iPhone passcode. Enter your iPhone passcode correctly to continue
  • Lastly, Confirm factory reset. The factory reset is also the same thing as a master reset. 

Once your iPhone is reset successfully, it will automatically reboot. Also, the factory reset will restore all settings to factory default settings. Next, restore your backup files. Your iPhone should be receiving messages from Android by now.

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