Why Can’t I Post On Facebook [Solved]

Why Can’t I Post On Facebook [Solved]



Facebook is the world’s largest social network. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it enables users to connect with their family, friends, and business efficiently. Users may share photos, music, videos, articles, and their ideas and opinions, with as many people as they choose online. Even email is of secondary significance to youngsters who communicate primarily through Facebook. Facebook has come a long way not only for its users but also for massive businesses. “Why Can’t I Post On Facebook” is the issue many users still face for several reasons.

We have prepared a complete guide considering the number of solutions to tackle such issues. This article is all about it.

How Facebook Gets Control – Community Standard

Facebook is incorporated into people’s daily routines to share their views, connect with friends and family, and form communities. It ensures everyone a platform for more than two billion individuals to express themselves across borders, beyond cultures, and languages freely.

To give everyone a pleasant and safe environment online, Facebook established community standards by consulting with professionals in sectors such as technology, public safety, and human rights. Facebook has always emphasized building standards to ensure everyone’s voice is valued. Building communities and bringing the globe closer together are dependent on people’s capacity to communicate differing points of view.

So everyone using this public platform should follow the community standards as laid by Facebook. If facebook sees any violation, they may provide a warning for the first offense. Still, if users continue to break their standards, they may limit users’ ability to post on Facebook or deactivate their profile permanently.

In addition to this, we have outlined several other difficulties in this guide that may restrict users and drive them to question Why Can’t I Post On Facebook? even if they believe they have not violated any community standards.

Wondering, Why Can’t I Post On Facebook? Try Reporting the Problem to Facebook

If you’ve tried other browsers or even devices and the issue remains regardless of platform, consider reporting it to Facebook. Facebook has made it more accessible for users to contact them with any problems. You can do it in simple steps.

  1. Use a computer to Login into your Facebook account.
  2. From the top right corner, click on the down-facing arrow.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Help and Support.”
  4. By selecting “Report a Problem,” a window will open with some questions on Facebook asking about the problems users are facing.

Note: It is better to share the screenshot and description of the error that you are receiving while posting on Facebook.

Why Can't I Post On Facebook

Avoid Spamming Facebook

Facebook’s rules can be strict at times, and the restriction for spamming Facebook might also result in temporary post limits. But if this is the case, users will get a direct notification for their violation with a description or time limit depending upon the type of violation. If users didn’t receive any violation information, log out from all the devices and log in to receive the violation notice. It is one of the big reasons answering user’s question of Why Can’t I Post On Facebook?

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN services are third-party applications that provide network security over the internet by substituting an IP address created by their servers for the actual IP address. Your online identity and location get covered, and user activity data kept secret.

Facebook features fundamentally work on users’ location, so altering the original information might obstruct the working elements of Facebook, and users get errors while posting on Facebook. Turn VPN off and refresh the browser. It might solve the issue.

Update the Applications

If the error only persists while using the smartphone app of Facebook, try upgrading to the latest version. Facebook is continuously working to improve users’ experience by rolling out regular updates with new features. If the problem persists, users should try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook application.

Browser Cache

The temporary cache data in your browser improves the loading speeds of web pages. However, this data can get corrupted sometimes, and instead of assisting your browser, it causes it to malfunction. So, by clearing the browser cache memory, we may reach a solution.

Reset Facebook Application

Try resetting the Facebook desktop application if you face the issue; the app will get reinstalled and get back to defaults without affecting users’ data.  

Disable the Corrupted addons

Browser addons provide additional benefits and control to the users. These addons or extensions might interfere with how a particular website work, causing various issues in certain situations. Try disabling or uninstalling the last installed addons to see if this works for you.

Try Reverting to Previous Browser

If you have recently started using a new browser on any device on which you are using Facebook, try reverting to the previous browser. The browser uses a different render engine to display codes on the screen. If the specific render engine does not meet the Facebook website’s requirements, It might get unresponsive, showing errors while posting.

Timeline and Tagging

Users on Facebook have numerous choices for experimenting with their privacy on the public site, such as altering the permissions of data they post online. So if the problem user facing while posting anything on their own or other timelines, the issue might come depending upon their privacy settings. Posting on your timeline without tagging anyone might fix your problem.

Conclusion on Why Can’t I Post On Facebook

We have compiled several steps above to avoid facing issues with Facebook posting. Hopefully, one or few suggestions mentioned above will perfectly work for you, and you will start posting online in no time. Just keep in mind the Facebook community guidelines while posting anything. All websites do get temporary service issues during maintenance or updating to new features, so in Facebook, server difficulties might cause this error. Users will have to wait a little longer before they can resume posting.


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