Why Are People Putting Numbers on Their Snapchat Stories?

Do you see a certain amount on your buddies’ Snapchats? Why does that matter? It’s a means of informing individuals how much they remain before that particular narrative is forgotten. By tweeting mysterious numerals, a new digital fad perplexes Snapchat users’ viewers. A few entries are humorous; some link to websites with further data, yet others add to the uncertainty by not attempting to explain what they imply. So, why are people putting numbers on their snapchat stories? Let us find out.

What Do Numbers Mean on Snapchat Stories?

You may see a person’s mysterious number on their page when reading their Snapchat Story.

That figure represents the individual’s Snapchat score. A Snap score is a statistic that combines a user’s published and collected snaps. In addition, it indicates a user’s Snapchat activity level.

A person may determine how committed or are to Snapchat by looking at her Snap score, which Snapchat computes.

Your Snapchat score is theoretically calculated by Snapchat using a calculation that considers a number of variables, including your regular Snapchat consumption.

Your frequency of posting Stories and your interactions with your Snapchat pals are two examples of analytics.

What Do Numbers Mean on Snapchat Best Friends?

The individuals you snap and interact with the greatest on Snapchat are your Best Friends. However, “emoji indications” show common close buddies, and individuals can’t access each other’s “Best Mates” listings. 

Individuals may have a maximum of eight close buddies, each of whom will appear in the Conversation area of their biography and on the “Send To” page while delivering a Snap.

Although we understand that this ranking refreshes in real-time as individuals interact with numerous people, Snapchat is famously discreet regarding the precise mechanism that produces the “Best Pals” category and which variables contribute to the ranks.

Why Are People Putting Numbers on Their Snapchat Stories?

So, if you’ve been perplexed by these figures recently, you will have an explanation. These figures alone don’t have any significance. These data, however, might appear extremely perplexing to the inexperienced eye or someone unaware of the odd tendencies that may exist on Instagram and Snapchat. And besides, one individual may publish figures that range from the hundreds of thousands, while the other individual may only publish figures that aren’t comparable to that.

The snap score is likely in the tens if you’re new to Snapchat and still trying to get the hang of it. Which may not be sufficient to boast, spin yarns, or gush to pals.

Snapchat scores are typically referenced by those who publish statistics on their profiles. For novice users of Snap, the abundance of digits in the UI is a key point of confusion. Rankings or “scores” have little significance if you don’t comprehend what they signify, and there isn’t any background information to guide you in determining what each value means. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to use your preferred social media site confidently while understanding precisely what those figures on Snapchat’s complex design mean.

According to Snapchat, each number is calculated using a “secret calculation” that considers all of the methods you use the program, such as:

  • How many photos you’ve sent out overall.
  • The overall number of photos you acquire.
  • How many Snapchat posts you’ve posted overall.

Your ranking should improve the more photographs you send or get, in addition to the more stories you post. Although the frequency of Snapchat’s scoring changes is uncertain, it probably happens once or twice. It could be changed daily or every hour to keep up to date.

What Do the Eyes and Number Mean on Snapchat Story?

A couple of eyes symbol basically serves as a sign that the pals have re-watched a particular Story you’ve shared, according to Snapchat company’s offering on the subject. In reality, there ought to be a figure beside those pupils indicating how many friends viewed a story again.

How many individuals have viewed your Snapchat story repeatedly is shown by the number of eyes on it.

When the figure “15” appears beside the eyeball symbol, it indicates that 15 of your acquaintances have re-watched your story.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t consider repeated viewings by the same user.

Even if someone sees your story three times, just one replay will be recorded.

You may see whoever re-watched items to “Your Account”, “Hidden Memories”, and “Shared Stories” if you have Snapchat +. But you have to activate the “Story Rewatch Count.”

You should be aware that the replay indication does not reveal who of your contacts viewed your story again. To put it another way, you won’t be capable of recognizing the individuals who viewed your tale again.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the functionality represented by the pair of pupils in this instance is a Snapchat+ exclusive. Therefore, if you saw this, it is because your Snapchat+ membership includes it. It is a paid function.

Can You Tell How Many Times Someone Watches Your Story on Snap?

No, there isn’t an easy way to determine whether a person has seen your article more than once, even though you have access to the entire record of people who have seen it.

In a strict sense, there is simply no way to tell if somebody has read your story more than once. Even while Snapchat identifies every person who opens your post, the app does not reveal how many instances they have seen it.

You’ll see a clear screenshot icon beside one’s name if they choose to record your article on an iOS or Android device. You may use this to determine whether someone has captured a picture. There isn’t a marker to indicate single versus many viewing, though.

In earlier iterations of Snapchat, this became able to ascertain the precise number of occasions a user has seen your story. Unfortunately, Snapchat has eliminated this function, so it is now impossible to tell whether someone watched your message multiple times. There isn’t a method for you to converse your message because everyone can see it numerous times during the day. 


The figures on a user’s Snapchat Account are their Snap score.

The sum of all the pictures a user has given and gotten on Snapchat makes up their Snapchat rating, which measures their effectiveness on the app.

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