What is Zoom App and How it Works?

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ZOOM is a video conferencing software that enables users to meet virtually and conduct meetings. The company is an American software founded by Eric Yuan on April 21, 2011. The company’s (Zoom Video Communications, Inc.) headquarters is in San Jose, California, USA.

ZOOM became very popular among the people in the year 2020. That was because it was an ideal solution to the barriers to public communication due to travel restrictions imposed by various countries worldwide against the COVID-19 epidemic that year.

Zoom app in the market

Compared with other video conferencing software such as Skype, Zoom app offers some more user-friendly features. If someone asks, by 2020, what is the best software in the market we can use for video conferencing? Yes, it’s ZOOM. Currently, both the web version and the mobile version of this software are on the market—the app download available for Windows and Mac operating systems and Android and iOS.

Choose your plan

Zoom app offers you two plans, the “Free Plan” and the “Paid plan.” The free plan hosts up to 100 participants with a limited time duration, like 40 minutes. The paid plan starts at $ 15 per month and can conduct meetings up to 24-hours with 500 participants.

Let’s see what its features are and how it works.

Click here to download ZOOM

How to work with “ZOOM”?

If you want to hold a meeting with your office people or someone else by ZOOM, you must first schedule the conference by choosing the date and time. Then it provides you a meeting ID and password to access the participants. By sharing that ID, participants can connect virtually into one place via entering it into ZOOM software.

Once you start the meeting/session, you should allow your participants to join by adding them. Anyone can mute/unmute their mics, start/stop the videos, share screens, chat, and start recording while conducting the meeting.

Start a meeting (as the host):

1)  First, Download the software on your mobile or PC, then go to the “Schedule” option.

Zoom Interface
What is Zoom App and How it Works? 3

2) Then, Set up the date and time duration.

Zoom Sehedule
What is Zoom App and How it Works? 4


3) Next, Share the ID provided by ZOOM with the participants.

4) Finally, When it’s time to start the Meeting, click start. The participants willing to join the conference will show you and add them by clicking the “join” option.

Joining the Meeting (as the participant):

  • First, Go to the app.
  • Then, Click on “Join a meeting “at the top right corner of the Homepage.
  • Finally, Add your Meeting ID when it prompts.

How to share your screen:

  • Go to the option “share Screen “at the bottom of the window.
  • Next, Click the “stop sharing”  will stop the sharing your screen.

(Multiple participants can share their screens at the same time)

How to record Zoom meetings:

  • Click the “record” icon in the zoom toolbar while conducting the Meeting.
  • Next, Choose “Record on this computer” or “Record to the Cloud” to start recording.
  • Click on “Pause/Stop Recording” to stop or pause the recording.

(ZOOM converts the recording to MP4 automatically and saves it in your device once the Meeting ends.)

Extra features of zoom

  • It provides attendees a waiting room.
  • You can see who attended the Meeting.
  • Users can share multiple screens.
  • It allows you to control other participant’s screens as well.
  • Users can use functions like whiteboards to interpret projects.
  • It enables you to access extra features such as webinars.
  • Easy to work with WebRTC technology.

The Security of the Software/App

The ZOOM company had to tighten its security measures due to several incidents that occurred in the early part of 2020. According to reports, users got hacked in several places centered in the United States. The case was, hackers forcibly capturing users’ meetings and exposing them to various forms of pornography. When they tried to mute them, the hackers threatened and intimidated users.

The FBI said they have received reports of several such incidents and have asked anyone who experiences such video chat hijacking to report it to them. It was the case to add a feature that requires a password to enter a meeting. However, after this incident, the company issued a statement saying as “We’re always striving to continue to deliver you a secure virtual meeting environment.”

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