What Is the Cause for Chrome High CPU Usage?

Because of its speed and reliability, Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most popular browsers. Google Chrome provides a lot of capabilities as well, but the convenience comes at a cost. Many individuals have been concerned by Chrome High CPU Usage. If you are in search of remedies, you have landed on the ideal web page. Let’s get started. 

Evident Symptoms of Chrome High CPU Usage?

Finding out what’s causing the issue or what to do about it isn’t always easy. Excessive CPU consumption manifests itself in the following ways.

  • Your screen jumps or slows as you scroll down a page, which is one of the most visible symptoms of Chrome high CPU usage.
  • The computer screen becomes unresponsive
  • The laptop’s battery drains rapidly (could also indicate a worn battery)
  • Your computer’s temperature rises, and your fans get noisier.

This article will examine Google Chrome’s excessive CPU consumption. We’ve put together a list of the best ways to reduce Chrome’s CPU and battery usage.

What is the best way to monitor Chrome’s CPU usage?

Wise System Monitor allows you to keep an eye on the system’s resources in real-time. A tiny device may be placed on your desktop to keep it “always on top.” It shows real-time network download/upload speeds, RAM utilization, CPU use, and operational temperature.

When you observe a Chrome High Cpu Usage spike, click on the CPU symbol to see a list of programs utilizing the most processor power. You can use the default Windows Task Manager if you don’t want to use a real-time monitoring tool. However, you’ll need to keep it open at all times to monitor the system’s resource usage.

Chrome High Cpu Usage

Why does Chrome consume so much CPU power?

A variety of factors might cause Chrome’s excessive CPU use. Let’s examine some of the causes Chrome might utilize a lot of CPU.

  • In case you have too many tabs or windows open at the same time. The cumulative usage might deplete your computer’s CPU or RAM. It will also drastically reduce battery life, resulting in a higher energy cost
  • If you use extensions and apps that need a lot of computing power
  • Malware can harm Chrome processes as well
  • Unless you have a high-end system, streaming HD videos will consume many relative CPU and GPU resources

A software reporter tool is included in Google Chrome to search for malware that may be impacting your browser. The software reporter tool may consume a significant amount of CPU resources. In this scenario, the program reporter feature should get disabled.

Let us view the options to reduce Chrome Memory and CPU Usage

Follow the methods below to reduce your Chrome High CPU Usage.

Chrome Task Manager

The Chrome browser’s Task Manager keeps track of how much CPU and RAM web pages, extensions, and other processes are consuming. While this may appear complicated, you do not need to be an expert to use it. The Task Manager can expose what’s consuming your computer’s resources with only a few mouse clicks. Let’s see how it goes! By selecting the tool from the top right hamburger menu, you may access the task manager. You can also use the combination of Shift + Esc as shortcut keys.

Suspicious Extensions

If the problem has occurred lately, it might result from a newly installed extension that consumes a lot of CPU power. You may verify this by accessing the task manager, as previously stated. Check the extensions area to check if any of them are using too much CPU. After that, get rid of it!

Update to the latest version

Google Chrome is updated regularly to correct issues and provide new features to improve the user experience. It is critical to upgrade your browser to the most recent version to get the most excellent Chrome performance. When you connect to the internet, the Chrome browser automatically updates. If you have trouble upgrading, you can do so manually.

  • Click the Chrome customization menu or hamburger menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Click “About Google Chrome” to see if there are any updates available.
  • Chrome will look for and install new updates automatically.


Chrome consumes many system resources, but it might be due to a virus or malware if your computer runs slower than usual. Malware might cause your browser and system to slow down. It will be impossible for you to clean the system on your own. For this, you’ll need a competent antivirus or malware removal application. You can look for free or paid tools to help you with this.

Chrome Cleanup Utility

For Windows users, Chrome offers a free Chrome Cleanup program. It will remove any malicious extensions or programs that are causing your computer to run out of RAM. To use the tool, take the actions outlined below

  • Open Google Chrome and choose the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Select from there Settings > Advanced > System
  • Select Clean up Computer and follow the on-screen option.
  • Click Find to start the cleanup process

Chrome does not offer a Chrome Cleanup Tool for Mac. However, you can still manually remove any unwanted programs. 

Final Verdict

Chrome is the most popular browser, yet it is not without flaws. Also, it consumes an excessive amount of system resources. Chrome may get configured in a variety of ways to consume less CPU and RAM. However, it does not always work. In such cases, your only option is to switch to a more efficient browser.

These instructions should fix the most frequent Chrome CPU issues. They’ll work in other browsers as well.

Limiting the number of programs running is an excellent method to extend the life of your computer’s hardware. If none of the previous solutions worked, try reinstalling Chrome or using any other browser until google fixes any related issue.

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