What Is Google Chrome Helper? Should You Disable It?

Google Chrome is, without doubt, the most popular browser. It has its flaws, however. Chrome’s worst drawback is its memory utilization. When there are too many tabs and it uses all of your computer’s resources. If Chrome is open, you can see the Google Chrome Helper process draining your system resources through Windows Task Manager and Mac Activity Monitor. So, What Is Google Chrome Helper?

In this article, we will look deep into google chrome helper.

What is Google Chrome Helper, and how does it work?

What is Google Chrome Helper? It’s a simple question to answer. Google Chrome Helper manages extensions and plugins that Chrome does not support. It refers to material that runs outside the browser. Google Chrome Helper starts a process when a plugin connects with an external service. Chrome Helper is a term that refers to any third-party content loaded in your browser. It could be an extension, embedded content, or a video player. These plugins, which are not extensions or regular plugins, require additional system access.

Google Chrome assistant can occasionally bother you if you use Chrome on a Mac. It might get discovered in Activity Monitor, which can cause system memory and CPU cycles to drain while making your laptop fan scream.

Google Chrome Helper manages extensions and plugins that Chrome does not support

What is the source of Google Chrome Helper’s high CPU and RAM usage?

Although many plugins are available for download on the internet, not all of them cause issues. Most who work with flash content cause Google Chrome processes to malfunction. When using Google Chrome on your Mac, Adobe Flash plugins allow you to watch and hear Flash video and audio content. You may come across some potentially hazardous sections that run flash content; in these cases, the Google Chrome Helper fails to respond and interferes with your work.

The majority of consumers will be completely unaware of its existence. If your PC or Mac is running slowly while using Chrome, Google Chrome Helper might be able to help you figure out what’s wrong. Due to a corrupt extension or resource-intensive pages using third-party plugins.

How to figure out what’s causing the problem

Try to figure out what’s wrong, retrace your steps and keep track of your resource usage while using Chrome. Begin by loading pages that make your PC appear slow in a new Chrome browser tab. Whenever it doesn’t work, examine if any of the extensions you’ve enabled are causing a resource consumption increase.

You may also monitor each internal Chrome process using the built-in Google Chrome Task Manager; This can help you pinpoint the specific Chrome component that is creating problems, such as a rogue plugin. Right-click the tab bar and choose Task Manager from the dropdown menu to enter Chrome Task Manager. The memory footprint and CPU columns will help you find troublesome plugins and extensions. You may choose a process using too much CPU or RAM and immediately end it by clicking the End Process button.

How can you reduce the resource consumption of the Google Chrome Helper System

You now know “What is Google Chrome Helper?” These steps will help you reduce the CPU and RAM usage in Google Chrome.

  • To do this for specific pages, click the lock icon near the address URL bar.
  • You may deactivate third-party plugins by setting Unsandboxed plugin Access to Block in your site permissions menu.

You may also wish to disable Chrome extensions if they are causing problems.

  • Select the three-dot sign in the top-right corner to deactivate Chrome extensions. After that, go to More Tools > Extensions.
  • To deactivate or turn off an extension from the Chrome extensions menu, click the slider beside it.

Incognito mode get also be used in Chrome to help you troubleshoot issues. Chrome blocks extensions and plugins from third parties by default when you use incognito mode.

  • To enter incognito mode, select the three dots menu symbol located in the upper-right corner.

How can I turn off Google Chrome Helper?

If you are unable to diagnose Chrome slowness, deactivating the process may be an option. All third-party plugins will be disabled in Chrome after you disable the Google Chrome Helper.

  • Open Google Chrome on your Mac or Windows PC. Go to the top right three-dot menu.
  • The select setting from the context menu
  • Go to “Privacy & Security” from the dropdown menu, under “Advanced”, on the left menu bar. Select “Site settings” from the dropdown menu under “Advanced” on the left menu bar.
  • Please scroll down to Unsandboxed Plugin Access, and click it.
  • You can toggle the slider that is blue next to “Ask when sites want to use plugins to access your computers (recommended).” The text will change to “Do not permit any site to use plugins to access your computers.”

This change will affect all pages that you visit. They won’t be able to use third-party plugins. Windows Task Manager and Mac Activity Monitor will no longer get listed as a CPU/RAM eater on either the Mac or Windows operating systems.

Reducing Google Chrome Helper’s CPU use

For Google Chrome Helper to utilize less CPU power, you should:

  • Use a limited number of browser extensions.
  • Javascript should only be enabled when it is essential for the website’s fundamental operation.
  • Ads should not be allowed to run, and anything that autoplay should get turned off.

Final Verdict

We trust you now have a firm grasp of the situation. What exactly is Google Chrome Helper, and how does it function? Remove any unwanted extensions from time to time to keep your Chrome clean and reduce the amount of RAM that Google Chrome Helper uses on your machine.


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