What is Facebook Block List And How It Works?

Facebook allow you to interact with friends, family, business partners quickly, and anybody else you encounter online or offline. Facebook is the most popular social networking site, with 2.50 billion monthly active users. In general, communication is accepted and encouraged on Facebook. However, you may discover that certain communications are unpleasant and that you need to disengage from them at times. You may do this by banning that individual from your account, which you can do in several ways. They’re tucked away in various Settings sections. You may also unblock them from your Facebook block list if you choose.

It’s also a good idea to avoid becoming friends with strangers and to make sure that friends don’t turn into enemies. We will show you how to block and unblock friends on Facebook who got blocked by you for any reason.

Why would you want someone on your Facebook Block List?

The most efficient approach to limit interactions is to block someone, a friend, or unknown Facebook users. You may choose to ban a friend or friends on Facebook due to a recurrent disagreement or a rapidly growing issue.

You can block someone if you don’t want to use the unfriend-only feature. When you block someone, their postings will get muted, and they will no longer message you directly. You may, however, unblock someone without them knowing. If you were friends with the person before you blocked them, you could re-add them to your Friends list by unblocking them.

Facebook block list

Access the Facebook Block list

Facebook maintains track of all the people you’ve banned on the platform. It enables you to quickly identify which profiles are unable to reach you through social networking sites. The list of blocked users gets displayed in the order in which you blocked them, starting with the most recent. When seeing a banned user list, you can only do see one option of unblocking that person. Accessing the blocklist is a simple four-step process.

Step 1 (Open Facebook)

Open the official Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet. If you prefer to use a computer, navigate to the official Facebook website using your preferred web browser. Log in to your existing Facebook account.

Step 2 (Go to Settings)

First, click the in the top-right corner of Facebook and Choose Privacy & Settings

Step 3 (Access the Block List)

Then, select blocking from the left column, and you will be able to see a Facebook block list of people you have blocked.

Step 4 (Add someone to block list)

Or enter the name of the person you wish to put in the Facebook block list, then click on the “OK” button.

Note: Facebook is aware of some forms of harassment. Therefore You must wait at least 48 hours before re-blocking someone. Furthermore, if you have a cheating partner who loves to chat with exes they have blocked, you may check to see if the ex has just got unblocked since your cheating partner will be unable to re-block that person for another 48+ hours.

Why can’t I post on Facebook? We have found the reasons, read here.

Facebook restricted list as an alternative option

You may add someone to your Facebook restricted list to keep them as friends but prevent them from seeing particular postings. They won’t see your postings unless you select the audience to “Public” if mutual friends tag both of you in the post. They will be completely unaware that they are on your restricted list. You’ll still be able to communicate with them using Messenger, and their postings will appear in your News Feed as usual.

You may use the Facebook restricted list for

  • People you don’t want to unfriend heartlessly
  • Family members or friends who are judgmental
  • Workplace connections, even your closest coworkers who shouldn’t know all there is to know about you

To add someone to a Facebook restricted list, follow these steps.

1st step: (Go to their Profile)

Go to a friend’s Facebook profile to add them to your Restricted list. If you’re having trouble finding them, check for them using the search bar at the top of the Facebook website or app.

Step 2: Once you’ve arrived at your friend’s profile page, search for the Friends button. From the drop-down box, choose Edit Friend Lists or Add to Another List.

You’ll get presented with a variety of several Facebook lists that categorize the individuals with whom you connect on the social network. Scroll down to the Restricted option at the bottom of the list. To add a friend to the Restricted list, tap on it.

Facebook Blocklist for ads

Facebook ad Blocklists prevent your ads from appearing where you do not consider safe for your campaign or brand. Pages and applications in Audience Network, Facebook In-Stream Videos, IGTV Videos, and Instant Articles are examples. If you have particular websites where you never want your advertisements to display, you may ban them in Facebook Business Manager by submitting the URLs. Advertisers that want to employ Audience Network placements but don’t have the technical know-how can use these placements. They can upload a text file that contains the keywords. You can exclude up to 10,000 app store URLs and web domains from your targeting.

You may get a list of publisher URLs where your advertisements could potentially appear from Facebook to assist you in determining if you should restrict a website. It’s a good idea to add URLs that you don’t want to advertise to the Block List.


Remember that nothing you post online is private, no matter how careful you are with your privacy settings. Whether it’s inadvertent disclosure of your protected postings or hacker access to your account, your stuff can get accessed by anybody. If your post can jeopardize your career or ruins your relationship, it may not be worth the risk.



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