What Does Extended Mean on iPhone?

If you are a new iPhone user, you may need to become more familiar with the terms used in iOS, as it differs from Android. If you have ever faced issues in your network, and it appears as “Extended”, you may not be sure what it means. Thus, it could be a question what does extended mean on iPhone?

Many cellular network providers have installed cell towers covering each region to provide a network to your device. However, some areas may lack cell towers or will not have any of them. An extended network causes in your phone when in the absence of cell towers in the site you are present in. Being a new iOS user, you may need to become more familiar with the terms. Thus we have explained what does extended mean on iPhone in the article for a detailed view. Keep reading the article to find out more.

What Does Extended Mean on iPhone?

As previously stated, when you lose the network connection in the absence of cell towers in the present area, your network tends to link to another network cell tower. If your network connects to another cell network, it might appear as extended in your iPhone. Though this does not cause any harm to your phone or cost any extra charges, the coverage will not be speedy.

How to Get Rid of an Extended iPhone?

Since the iPhone runs iOS, there is less to worry about bugs or viruses if the phone is connected to unauthorized networks. However, it could be slightly annoying to see an unusual message popping up on your phone frequently. If you want to remove “Extended” from your phone, you should learn how to get rid of extended on iPhone. If the extended is removed from the phone, you can restore to your original network and increase the connection’s speed. You can easily remove the extended on your iPhone by following the steps correctly. You can turn off the cellular data to remove extended or reset the network in your phone.

What Does Extended Wi-fi Mean?

When the cellular data or the wi-fi is on in your iPhone, the network starts roaming to connect to a cellular tower. In the absence of your network cellular tower, the phone network tries to connect to another tower when roaming. If your phone connects to another network’s cell tower, a notification appears as “extended” in your iPhone. No extra charges will be added when the phone is on the extended network, but the connection can get slower than the original network.

Apart from this, you might see Extended wi-fi in the phone, which also happens when another wireless network tries to connect to your iPhone when there is no connection in your wireless network service.

How to Remove Extended Wi-fi in iPhone?

When the extended wi-fi is connected to your iPhone, it decreases the connection speed of your current wireless network service. For this, you will have to remove the extended wi-fi appearing on your iPhone; this is crucial you learn how to remove extended wi-fi on your iPhone. Follow the steps given below to get rid of the extended wi-fi.

  1. Go to settings on your phone.
  2. Select connections and click wi-fi
  3. You will see WPA / WPA2 security protocol.
  4. If your wi-fi is on WPA, shift to WPA2 to secure the network and avoid extended wi-fi appearing on your phone.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using an Extended Network?

When your phone is connected to the extended network, you can maintain the connection even in the absence of your default network. It recovers automatically by connecting to another available network, which is entirely free. It makes It an exception for you to subscribe to a new network because you have lost the coverage for your parent network if you are in the local or regional limits.

But, when using the extended network on your phone, the connection may need improvement. It could be annoying to use a connection when it starts lagging. When another network server is connected to your phone, you cannot retrieve your default network manually. Restarting the phone will not work because you cannot connect to any service. Thus you will have to turn it on to aeroplane mode and off it after a few minutes. For this reason, an extended network will cause some functionality complications.

Is Extended Network and Roaming Different?

As previously stated, an extended network is applied on your phone in the absence of cell towers of your default network and tries to connect to other cell towers beside the default cell tower in your phone. You will not have to pay extra charges when your phone is on an extended network.

Even though roaming works similarly, it is quite different. Because an extended network only activates in the absence of a cell network, roaming connects to other networks, apart from the default network, to maintain the stability of the connection. You will also have to pay extra charges for connecting to other networks when using a roaming network.

How is Extended Network and Roaming Different?

Though you will not be billed with extra charges when you are on the extended network, in your iPhone, the coverage speed will reduce, and it will not be effective to use the network properly. But when using a roaming network, you can maintain the coverage by connecting to another network available, domestically and internationally. But when using roaming, you can be charged, and it can also be expensive.


A new iPhone user may need clarification about the terms used in iOS. When you face issues in your network, you might see “extended” appear on your phone. You may not be entirely sure what “extended” mean on iPhone. An extended network appears in your phone when the default network in your phone does not have the coverage to a cell tower, where your phone will simultaneously connect to another network cell tower in the vicinity of your phone.

In the article what does extended means on iPhone we have explored different topics like the difference between roaming and extended network, the pros and cons of the extended network and how to get rid of an extended network in your iPhone?

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