Two Factor Authentication For Facebook : Update Facebook Security

As we live in an open digital world, Security & privacy is essential thing in these days. Facebook is a social media platform everyone loves to express themselves, including personal matters.

As of that matter, When it comes to Facebook security, It is more important than anything. Because nowadays, we are facing more unauthorized Facebook login attempts.

If someone tries and success, then there is a possibility that personal data can be leaked or misused by someone else.

Most importantly, The Facebook allows you to have different security features to mitigate the above issues, and two-factor authentication is one of them.

What Is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication allows you to add additional security verification to your account. In technical terms, it is referring to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication.

Suppose you have enabled the feature on your Facebook account. When someone tries to log in, It will send a security code to your mobile phone, or you can generate a unique security key for yourself.

How To Setup Two Factor Authentication In Facebook

FB Two Factor: Figure 1
  • First, Login to, click the top left side button and click on the “Settings & Privacy” as above “Figure 1” number 1 image. 
  • Then click on the “Settings” As the number 2 image. 
  • Finally, tap the “Security and Login” As the number 3 image.

Scroll Down a bit, and you will find the “Two Factor Authentication” widget (Box) and click “Edit” as below.

FB Two Factor: Figure 2

Finally, we are here on the “Two Factor Authentication” page . Each two factor authentication method has its unique values. After that, By Clicking, you can enable and start setting up two factor authentication for Facebook.

Next, You will find out there are three types of security methods as below.

FB Two Factor : Figure 3

Authentication App : Facebook Code Generator

Most importantly, The authentication app method using the Facebook code generator is one of the best ways to protect your Facebook account. Updating your FB account with this kind of security will minimize the level of threats to your Facebook account.

  • First, You have to click on the “Use Authentication App” as above image. Then you will see a screen like below image.
authentication app1
FB Two Factor : Figure 4
  • Next, You have to enter the your FB password and submit.
  • Then the below screen will show to you.
authentication app2
FB Two Factor : Figure 5

We have to hold the flow for a moment and then we have to install the the Facebook Code Generator app to the mobile device.

Moreover, you see in the image “FB Two Factor: Figure 3”, Facebook suggests two mobile apps to generate the security code. Find more details below. 

Google Authenticator

authentication app
FB Two Factor : Figure 6

First, Go to the google play store and install the Google Authenticator app to your mobile device as below.

  • Then, Open up the app on your device.
  • Next, You can see image as below and click on the “Get Started”.
  • Next., You will see a screen to setup your the account.
google authenticator app open guideover
FB Two Factor : Figure 7

As we hold our flow in the “FB Two Factor : Figure 5”. Now again we have to go back to that flow.

  • Next, you can click on the “Scan a QR Code” or “Enter a setup key”. Show as in the “FB Two Factor : Figure 7”
  • Next, if you click on the “Scan a QR Code”. Then you have to go back the “FB Two Factor : Figure 5” and scan the QR code.


  • Next, If click on the “Enter a setup key”.
  • Then you have to go back the “FB Two Factor : Figure 5” and get the security code. Then type it in the app.
  • Next, scan or enter the security code to code generator in the mobile app.
  • Then,  mobile app generate a code to you which will refresh the code every thirty seconds.
  • Finally, You have to enter that code in FB as below image. This need to be done under thirty seconds.
authentication app3
FB Two Factor : Figure 8

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