[SOLVED] Why Facebook Marketplace Not Loading?

From a social networking software to a digital marketplace, Facebook has effectively increased its user base. In 2016, Facebook released the Marketplace app. It has quickly grown to become one of the most popular platforms, with millions of people using it to discover new things, buy things, sell items, and earn money. This platform allows buyers and sellers to deal locally. However, some users have complained that their devices are experiencing “Facebook Marketplace Not Loading” issue. It may get related to your Facebook account, smartphone app, or the location from which you access it.

We’ve provided solutions to each of these issues, and we’ll go over them one by one. We will also explain the causes behind the problem in the first place.

How to access the Facebook marketplace?

The Marketplace icon is on the left side of the Facebook page for desktop users. Look for the Marketplace icon at the top of the app when checking in from an Android smartphone. In IOS, the symbol will be towards the bottom of the app.

Why Facebook Marketplace Not Loading?

We looked at numerous troubleshooting alternatives on the internet and concluded that these are the most common causes of the “Facebook Marketplace Not Loading” problem.

Facebook Marketplace Not Loading

New Account

If you have a new Facebook account, you may not get the chance to use the marketplace function. Facebook blocks new accounts from accessing the Marketplace to prevent spam and abuse.

Browsers Issue

You can’t utilize the Facebook Marketplace function if your browser isn’t set up correctly. To see whether there is a problem, try adjusting the browser settings or making other adjustments.

Browser Cache

Misconfiguration difficulties with marketplaces can sometimes get caused by the browser’s cache. If you’re having trouble with Facebook Marketplace, try clearing your browser’s cache.

Limited to countries

Facebook Marketplace is open only for those who lives in specific countries determined by Facebook. Please verify whether you represent one of the countries listed on the list. 

Browser Plugins or Extensions

Most users will face the “Facebook Marketplace Not Loading” issue if their browser has any malicious extensions installed. We propose deactivating each browser extension one at a time to resolve the issue.

Age limit

The marketplace function is only available to individuals above 18. So, make sure you are above 18 without putting blame on anything. 

Outdated divices

Yes, many older iPhones, Android devices, and iPads do not support Facebook Marketplace.

Solutions to Facebook Marketplace Not Loading

After you’ve better understood the reasons, we may go forward with solutions to the above problems.

1st Solution: Geographical limitations

2nd Solution: Cache and Temporary Data

3rd Solution: Browser Extensions

4th Solution: Get the latest Facebook app

5th Solution: Change your browser.

6th Solution: Facebook Marketplace Appeal Form

Geographical limitations

It may not be accessible to you even if your Facebook account has been active for more than ten years. Make sure the default language setting on Facebook gets set to English in this instance. 

The second thing is to check your country or place of residence get already listed in the Marketplace. Facebook has a list of approved locations. Even better, you can send a request through the Facebook support page. Change your country or area to one that is accepted.

Note: If you Continually update your Facebook location, it takes precedence over the current data. As a result, you are no longer able to access the Marketplace.

Cache and Temporary Data

Your online experience may be affected if you’re using Facebook Marketplace on the system’s web browser and it abruptly stops working. Cleaning the cache or temporary data may be enough to remedy the problem in this case.

Browser Extensions

Unstable browser plugin might cause problems to access Facebook Marketplace

  • First, select the three dots icon in the top-right corner of the screen after opening the “Chrome” browser.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, choose “More Tools” and then “Extensions.”
  • Now, go through each extension and “Disable” them one by one.
  • Finally, restart your browser and check in to Facebook to determine whether the Facebook Marketplace issue remains.

Get the latest Facebook app

To maintain the Marketplace functioning properly, you should update it to the current version. To see if an update is available, go to the Play Store or App Store.

Change your browser

If you visit Facebook using a browser, you may encounter compatibility or accessibility difficulties. This problem may get resolved by accessing the Facebook Marketplace using a different browser.

  • First, download and install a browser that you like.
  • Then, start the browser.
  • Now, check Facebook Marketplace to check whether it is working properly. 

Facebook Marketplace Appeal Form

Facebook may have removed your access to Marketplace. To obtain access to Facebook Marketplace, you must fulfil specific requirements. If you break these policies, Facebook may suspend your account. If you are sure that you have not broken any of the Facebook Marketplace community’s rules, you can restore access to the Marketplace by appealing to Facebook. To do so, take the following steps:

  • First, go to Marketplace after logging into your Facebook account.
  • Next, choose “Request Review” and complete the “Request Form” that displays.
  • Then, allow time for the Facebook staff to respond to your request.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your “Support Inbox,” and after your appeal is approved, you may return to the Facebook Marketplace.


Following the steps outlined above, one may resolve the issue with Facebook Marketplace. After that, be sure to restart your browser or mobile device. If you’re still having problems, you can always contact Facebook support.

Several consumers claim that contacting Facebook via their Support Email or phoning their Customer Support Number (+1 877-398-6240) resolved their issue. Also, you have the cushion of dropping your concern below in the comment section for us to come to your rescue. 

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