Sent From My iPhone [Solved]

If you are reading this article, it means you are new to the iPhone or often do not use the iPhone email feature. The iPhone email feature shows the sent from my iPhone as the default iPhone email signature in your sending emails. It’s not good looking email signature to have in your email in an industrial world. 

To fix the issue, you have to change the default iPhone mail signature. It is simple as ABC to remove sent from my iPhone email signature. Follow below simple steps.

How to get rid of sent from my iPhone

Sent from my iPhone all
Sent from my iPhone signature
  • Firstly, Go to iPhone Settings as in the below image one. In here, you will find tons of things.
  • After that, focus and scroll down until you find the iPhone mail icon and click on it as in the below image two.

In here as well, you will find lots of iPhone mail settings. Just ignore them and find the right one as below step.

iPhone Mail Signature Setup
iPhone Mail
  • After that, Scroll down the Mail Screen until you find the Signature feature in iPhone  and click on it as in the below image.

It shows the default mail signature in your iPhone. In this, cause it will be Send From My iPhone. Do not worry if you have a different one. Just follow the steps to change the iPhone email signature

iPhone Mail Signature Setup
iPhone Mail Signature Setup

As the result of the above steps, You will find two options to select as (If you not found this ignore the step)

All Accounts.

You can set up a shared email signature for various email clients in your iPhone by selecting this.

Per Accounts

By Selecting this, You can set up different email signatures for various email clients in your iPhone.


  • Finally, Click on the text as in the below image, and you can change it to something professional.
Click on the text to change
Click on the text to change


Sample email signatures to try,

Your Name
Title (optional), Company (linked to website)
Phone number
Your Name
Title (optional), Company (linked to website)
Phone number |
Your Name
Company & Address
Link To A Content
guideover.comYour Name
Title (optional), Company
Phone number |


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