What Does Sent As SMS Via Server Mean – In-Depth Explanation

Many customers are recently aware of a bug wherein when individuals send a message, the words “Sent as SMS through Server” display instead of the usual receipts that get viewed. The owners of Android-powered devices spotted this as something new in the built-in messaging software. The urge to find out what does sent as SMS via server means? These are all reasonable explanations for the statement that your text gets transmitted as an SMS through a server that you have received.

What is RCS?

The RCS messaging technology, which Google introduced in 2020, is the straightforward explanation for why users see messages that read “Sent As SMS Via Server.”

Its abbreviation, RCS, refers to Rich Communication Services. The built-in messaging software on Android devices gets powered mainly by this messaging protocol, which enables various cutting-edge capabilities.

The protocol gets introduced as a substitute or replacement for the widely used SMS protocol used in most Android-based smartphones. The protocol updates standard text messaging with cutting-edge features, including multimedia messages, group conversations, and video sharing.

The objective is to enable basic text messaging on Android smartphones to work with more sophisticated messaging services like iMessage, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp

In this context, you’re probably wondering what gets transmitted as SMS over the server. The answer is that the send receipt message has to get replaced by this new message due to the implementation of the new protocol. The texting application has added new capabilities and enabled the RCS functionality.

What Does “Sent as SMS via the Server” Mean?

So let’s come to the main query, What does sent as SMS via server mean? The RCS system has replaced the outdated messaging software in most of the newest Android handsets.

Users no longer get notifications when their messages get sent, delivered, or viewed. They instead get the standard message, “Sent as SMS Via Server.” Numerous Android users worldwide have been bothered by this message. And customers are using the internet to research the causes and motivations for this default message.

The sight of this text not only prompts people to wonder what transmitted as SMS through a server on Android means, but it also causes them to worry that it could indicate their phone has to get restricted. They don’t comprehend what sending an SMS via server signifies because they are used to outdated, standard text receipt messages.

They are frequently baffled and confused because of this. Many individuals speculate that the message may have been caused by a malfunction or error on the receipt’s side, even though the precise source is unknown. It has frequently gotten labelled as a malfunction. Many have questions about this new way of thinking, such as when anything gets transmitted as an SMS via a server and how to get rid of it.


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Causes of SMS via server

Some of the causes of SMS via server and What does sent as SMS via server mean are

No internet

You or the individual you are attempting to communicate with may not get currently hooked up to the internet. This might be one reason you receive a notification stating that the text gets delivered as SMS through the server.

While not all texting needs an internet connection to function, occasionally, you or the individual you are messaging uses an application that does. As a result, you may get a notice stating that your text was delivered as SMS through the server. Even though not all messaging needs an internet connection.

However, if you or the individual you are attempting to contact is not accessing the internet. The notice that says the text got sent as SMS through a server implies that it got sent over an alternative server than usual. Either you or they now do not have an internet connection. Therefore, the message still gets delivered.


Sending out a message to an individual and seeing the words “Your text was sent via SMS via the server” alongside the message might signify a few different things, one of which is that you were banned.

However, if you cannot reach their voicemail, you are informed that “this number is no longer in service” or that your call will not connect. There is a decent likelihood that you were indeed blocked. This is why you are receiving a notice stating that your text gets delivered as an SMS through the server.


Your message’s claim that it gets delivered as an SMS through a server may have been caused, in part, by the fact that a person you are messaging has an iPhone, but you do not.

iPhones have an alternative texting system called iMessage. However, this feature is only available while everyone is chatting. Additionally, iMessage needs an internet connection or access to cellular data.

Because the recipient of your message will not receive an iMessage if you don’t own an iPhone but are texting someone who does, your message may claim it gets delivered as SMS through the server.

RCS enabled

It’s also possible that you or the person you’re attempting to contact doesn’t have RCS enabled. This would explain why you’re getting informed that your text gets delivered as an SMS through the server.

How to Stop Seeing the “Sent as SMS via Server” Notification?

Final Thought

People noticed this new function in the built-in messaging app on their Android devices. The subject was the subject of much conjecture on the internet. The procedure has got put into practice. You already know the response: “delivered as SMS through the server” You can see that this is not the case if you believe the message gets sent because someone has blocked your phone number. It is only taking place due to Google updating its RCS messaging system.


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