Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge vs LEMI – Is It Worth?

Resident Evil Village offers a wide variety of weapons that can be found or obtained, but none of them is as reliable as a reliable service weapon. One of the incredible weapons in Resident Evil Village is the devastating Samurai Edge. And the LEMI is the first firearm for Ethan, which is sharp and easy to use, and the clips store ten rounds at once, but it won’t actually make much of an effect. However, the LEMI can be upgradable with aftermarket components. So, Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge vs. LEMI: Which is powerful? Let us find out.

What Really is Resident Evil Village Concerning?

If you have played Resident Evil before, you may already know it is an example of a franchise with a massive story to explore. Players continue as Ethan Winters 3 years after Resident Evil 7’s incidents. After putting their child Rose to sleep, Ethan and his partner Mia prepare supper in the first sequence. As veteran Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield charges in with all weapons firing, chaos breaks out. Rose is seized, Mia Winters is left for dead, and Ethan is thrown into the group a rescue vehicle with them all.

Players take charge when the vehicle collapses, and Ethan goes into the titular Romanian Village in quest of his child.

LEMI: An Overview

Ethan acquires his initial handgun from a surviving town pandemic victim. This LEMI is precise and simple to use, and the clips store ten rounds at the moment, so there is no scarcity of ammo, but it won’t actually cause a lot of damage.

The LEMI handgun may be enhanced by using the LEMI Magazine and the Recoil Compensator, which are optional accessories. The two separate attachments on the LEMI will be one of the first firearm upgrades Ethan might find. You could discover the Recoil Compensator, which increases firepower after defeating Bela Dimitriscu. At the same time, Duke offers high-capacity clips that can hold twice as many rounds. With additional upgrades from Duke’s retail outlet, this LEMI might develop into a potent gun that Ethan might utilize to complete the full quest.

However, the LEMI Sidearm, the first firearm Ethan finds in the story, isn’t worth preserving for the game’s duration; it will serve as the player’s primary weapon within Castle Dimitrescu during the initial gameplay, making it valuable to enhance. Although enemies are drastically reduced in strength at The Mercenaries stage, their efficacy is slightly lower, making it a useful weapon.

Samurai Edge: An Overview

The Samurai Edge – AW Model-01, Chris Redfield’s handgun in Resident Evil 7, is a similar modified Beretta 92F as this one. But it’s not even close to being as strong as in its prior form. Therefore, gamers are unsure about its value or whether the Duke may enhance it.

In Resident Evil Village, users are unable to improve the Samurai Edge. The AW Model-01 is more potent than the entry-level LEMI handgun, except in Resident Evil 7. In contrast to LEMI, the Samurai Edge never changes its statistic:

  • Power: 110
  • Reloading Rate: 2.6
  • Rounds available: 9
  • Firing Rate: 0.4

That is disappointing for a DLC firearm and severely reduces the pistol’s usefulness. It’s a little disappointing that the Samurai Edge is so minimal that using it would make the game more difficult because individuals must pay to utilize it.

This weapon can only be purchased with real cash, and when you do, it will be placed in the Gadget Box without further action. This version’s Samurai Edge does greater damage and has a somewhat increased probability of striking the opponent in the head. Players cannot enhance the Samurai Edge in Resident Evil Village. That greatly lowers the usage of the weapon and is pitiful compared to a DLC product.

It’s sad that the Samurai Edge has become so weak that employing it can make the round after it more challenging and that gamer must spend to use it.

Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge vs LEMI

The Samurai Edge just slightly enhances several gameplay elements. Although the Samurai Edge has superior basic numbers than the LEMI, it soon turns into a plastic doll once it enters combat. It isn’t necessarily essential to acquire if the player desires to enhance the LEMI. This makes a nice second pistol for those who want to buy 1911 later. Since 1911 only prices 200 Lei, players are free to exchange their LEMI and keep employing it till it becomes available.

This AW Model-01 has somewhat more firepower than the entry-level LEMI pistol, contrary to Resident Evil 7. In contrast side, The Samurai Edge is always set to the same qualities as other LEMI.

Because the samurai edge firearm cannot be adjusted or strengthened, its blocking numbers are somewhat less useful than those of the LEMI. 

What are the Other Powerful Weapons in the Resident Evil Village?

The following are the most powerful guns in the resident evil village.


The F2 can be discovered in the Dimitrescu castle’s attic and has a highest output of 1500 and 20 rounds per magazine.

Although it may not appear powerful, the F2 may be a wonderful companion during Resident Evil Village’s first gameplay. The gun is intended for long-range firing and was discovered within the castle before leaving for the rooftops. Even with its initial numbers, it is quite potent, and future upgrades make it more so. 


The stake can be purchased after winning the game the next time you meet the Duke. It has 4500 highest rounds and 28 rounds per magazine. The S.T.A.K.E. is about double as potent as the M1851 at its most potent. The price is the only negative aspect. But after a brief second of playtime, you must have sufficient money to buy it.


Those who have experienced earlier Resident Evil titles are familiar with grenade launchers. Normally, they are saved for final fights. In Resident Evil Village, you’ll definitely want to accomplish the same thing, although they’re helpful when swarms of monsters approach you.


the SYG-12 is available from the Duke and has 1770 peak rounds per minute and 40 rounds per magazine. This shotgun you obtain for the final time in the gameplay is not made accessible until long after the midway point. As soon as you get to Heisenberg’s Factory, the Duke will sell it to you.

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