MAC Address on iPhone : Updated Guide

Most of the time, If you want to secure your wireless (Wi-Fi) network, you can allow only authorized devices by mac address to connect to your wireless network, and there will be many other reasons to know your mac address. So, for that reason, you need to know the mac address on iPhone. As per my research, most of the community is looking for details.

In here, first of all, you need to know that every device has a mac address, and it’s like your National Identity Number or Passport Number. The iPhone mac address is unique for each device, and your iPhone has one as well. Although it is a common question, there is less detailed content over the internet. So, let’s dig it in for these easy steps, and you can find more details below.

MAC Address on iPhone

  • First, tap on the Settings icon
  • Then, tap on General 
  • Next, Find the About and tap
  • Finally, Click on the Wi-Fi Address.
Settings iPhone
Settings iPhone


iphone wifi address
iphone wifi address

How To Find MAC Address on iPhone: Bonus

There is another way that you can find mac address on iPhone. But for this method, you must connect to a wireless network on your iPhone. If you have already connected to Wi-Fi using your iPhone, you can follow the below easy steps to find the mac address for iPhone.

  • Tap on Settings 
  • Then, tap on Wi-Fi 
  • Next, click on the Wi-Fi network Info Icon 
  • Finally, with the Wi-Fi Address filed, you will find the iPhone mac address or the iPhone Wifi address
iPhone Settings : mac address iphone
Settings : mac address iphone

iPhone wifi info icon : mac address iphone
mac id on iPhone : wifi info icon

 iPhone wifi address
iPhone wifi address


People also ask FAQ

How do I find my MAC address on my iPhone?

“How do I find my MAC address on my iPhone” is also a common question that people are looking for answers and you are in the right place. We can use the same methods as above to get sorted this issue. If you just got here, please make sure to start reading from the beginning.

Is Wi-Fi address same as MAC address?

It’s a pretty straightforward question, and the short answer for the question “Is Wi-Fi address same as MAC address?”is NO. It’s not a surprise that people seek answers as this is tricky for non-IT guys.



NOTE: In iPhone Settings > Wi-Fi > Info Icon > Wi-Fi Address is same as the MAC Address



WI-FI AddressMAC Address
Is an IP AddressIs a machine identifier assigned to a specific network adapter
Automatically assigned via DHCP on the routerEvery adapter has a unique address
Can be changed Will not changed


What is a MAC address on a cell phone?

Again this is a related question to the above answer. In brief, the mac address is a machine identifier that is assigned to a network adapter. So, your cell phone has a mac address, and for more details or you want to know how to find it, please make sure to start reading from the beginning.


How do I locate my MAC address?

Ooh, ok, let’s get explain it in this way. In the mean of “How do I locate my MAC address?”. It’s a tricky question for me. I can think of it in two ways. At first, if you mean “how to find mac address”, there are several ways to do so, and the method will change based on the device. You can find a solution for your iPhone in this article.

At last, If it means “how to trace mac address?” the answer is it’s not possible to trace a mac address. In theory, we know that the mac address is a unique id, but it’s not guaranteed to be as it is. There are several reasons, and this is just one.


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