How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing  

Instagram Stories is similar to Snapchat Stories, allow users to share a series of videos and photos from their daily routines, complete with doodles and fun stickers. This 24-hour photo and video slideshow will enable you to share highlights without having to keep them on your Instagram profile for a long time. Instagram Stories first get introduced in 2016, and now over 500 million Instagram users utilize them. Checking other users’ Instagram stories can be addictive sometimes, and they will also get notified that you have seen their stories. What if you wanted to know how to view Instagram stories without them knowing?

You want to accomplish this for a variety of reasons. You don’t even need to be logged into your Instagram account to see Instagram stories; it is possible to do this entirely anonymously.

Follow These Methods to Know “How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?”

We won’t ask why you want to do it – if you’re afraid to tell your crush you’re discreetly following them or don’t want them to know you’re watching their tales, or if you’re going to keep an eye on an ex, an old friend, or a business competitor.

Users who post their stories can see how many people have viewed them. Here are six ways to browse Instagram stories anonymously if you want to know how to view Instagram stories without them knowing.

  • Use Airplane Mode.
  • Simple Swipe to View Stories.
  • Use Third-party applications.
  • Browser Extensions.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Make New Account.

How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

Use Airplane Mode

If you have the Instagram application on your phone, using the Airplane mode is the most straightforward way to read Instagram stories without anyone knowing you viewed their stories. Airplane-Mode is available on both iPhone and Android phones. It’s relatively easy; follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Instagram with your login credentials and wait for Instagram to load all the stories.
  2. Turn on the Airplane mode to get disconnected from internet services.
  3. Once you get back to Instagram, you can now view the stories without knowing they see their stories.
  4. Close the Instagram app once you’ve seen those stories.

Use Simple Swipe to View Stories

Using swipe to view stories can be a simple hack but a risky one. Usually, on Instagram, we swipe from one story to another. We can use this to our advantage by taping on the Story next-in-line instead of the one you want to watch secretly. Swipe left once you’re on the story adjacent to what you want to see to get to the one you want to watch. Just do it carefully to arrive at the intersection of both Instagram Stories, where you may have a look at the story you want to watch without having to register your name in the viewers’ list.

Use Third-party Application

If you don’t want to use the two techniques described above, there are also plenty of free internet websites to answering your question of “how to view Instagram stories without them knowing?” Several websites are offering these features, and some of them are listed below.

  1. TwitlyStoriesdown
  2. Dumpor
  3. StoriesIG

All of these sites work similarly; they enable you to see Instagram stories anonymously. You can even choose to download the Instagram story from these websites, whether it is a video or photo. The only restriction on these websites is that you can only see those stories available in public accounts. All you have to do is type the username you wish to spy on into the tool’s search box, and you can see the stories posted within the previous 24 hours.

Browser Extensions

Similar to the websites, some browser extensions also do the same job for you. Install the extension, go to Instagram’s online version, and log in using your username and password. After that, you may start sneaking peeks at other people’s Instagram Stories without them knowing. Some of them are listed below, which are accessible through chrome extension browsers.

  1. Chrome IG Story
  2. Hiddengram
  3. Stories for Instagram

Mobile Application

If you need to see several Instagram stories, you can use the mobile application. There are several; free application for Android and iOS users that allows them to download and explore Instagram stories.

For Android: Story Saver app

For iPhone: Story Reposter app

This technique requires a bit more effort, but it is also more reliable and makes downloading and saving the Stories you see much more effortless.

Make New Account

You still have one more alternative if none of the previously listed choices has persuaded you. Make a brand-new Instagram account. It is an old-school approach that many people still use when they don’t want to download applications or visit other websites. Start following individuals take advantage of your freedom by watching those stories when they are released. It won’t work in most situations, but because most people nowadays accept friend requests from anybody, it’s worth a go.


We realize that there may be times when you need to see Instagram stories in private, and we hope that this article has shown you how to do so quickly. You may test our techniques by using them on your own stories. You will notice that the story view count does not change when you apply some of our methods.

While these sites and applications are convenient for sneaking a peek at someone’s Instagram Story without their knowledge, there is a restriction that user account has to be on public privacy settings. Any site offering you to see the stories on a personal statement is probably fake, wasting users’ time to boost the traffic on their sites. Try avoiding that website; Facebook Corporation at Instagram ensures user privacy with high security and community guidelines.

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