How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Galaxy Devices? [TUTORIAL]

Rooting your smartphone? It is sure everyone out there has heard something about it at someplace. The Samsung Galaxy device bootloader, like other devices, runs as the device starts. It determines whether to load the recovery or the Android operating system. Also, it includes the boot file, kernel, and system framework, allowing your device to boot more smoothly and quickly every time. This article will go through how to unlock bootloader Samsung Galaxy phones in a few different and easy ways.

If you’re tired of the stock UI or recovery and want to try a new custom recovery, flash a custom firmware, or root your smartphone, unlocking the device bootloader is the first step.

Unlock Bootloader

Several smartphone manufacturers have disabled the bootloader on their handsets due to security concerns. Unlocking the bootloader on your smartphone is like opening the door to a whole new universe of possibilities. You may install Custom Recovery, flash a variety of Custom ROMs, experiment with various tweaks, hacks, and, most importantly, root your device.

Advantages Of Unlocking Bootloader

  • Set up root access (SuperSU or Magisk)
  • On your smartphone, you may use flash custom ROMs and custom recovery (TWRP).
  • Some OEMs already provide a technique or tool for unlocking the bootloader.

Disadvantages of Unlock Bootloader

  • Your device warranty may get nullified if you unlock the bootloader.
  • You may not have the same device performance.
  • Invalid bootloader unlocking may result in a boot loop or bricking your device.
  • Handset privacy and security measures may get endangered
  • Unlocking the phone’s bootloader Erases all of your data and information, so create a backup of your Android phone before proceeding.
  • There will be no OTA updates available to you.


  • A minimum of 80% battery charge needed for the unlocking operation.
  • You should install ADB and Fastboot Tools on your PC.

Backup Your Samsung Device: Unlocking the bootloader on your Samsung cellphone will completely erase any data on it. Your data will be permanently wiped, including applications, media, app data, and documents. In a nutshell, this will factory reset your smartphone. Before continuing with the guide, we highly advise you to backup all of the data on your Samsung mobile.

How To Unlock Bootloader SamsungHow To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Without PC

For how to unlock bootloader Samsung, you don’t no need to worry anymore. The following guide will help you for unlocking bootloader Samsung:

Enable Developer Options

On Samsung devices, the ‘OEM unlock’ option appears under a menu called ‘Developer options,’ which is by default concealed for security reasons and must be enabled.

  • To activate Developer options, navigate Settings > About phone> Software details and seek a Build number option.
  • Once you’ve found it, keep tapping on the Build number option five times or until you see the text “You are now a developer’ or ‘Developer options are enabled.”

Switch to Device Unlock Mode

When you’re in Download Mode, you’ll be able to enter this mode, which you’ll use to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Following that, a blue-colored “Warning” screen should appear on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone/tablet, with three options:

  • Volume up: Continue
  • Long press to increase volume: Mode of device unlocking
  • Reduce the volume: Cancel (restart device)

To flash firmware binaries using the Odin program, use the Volume Up key to enter Download Mode.

Unlock Your Samsung Device’s Bootloader

A confirmation prompt to unlock the bootloader should occur after the device enters Device Unlock Mode. At the very bottom of the screen, you’ll find two options:

  • Yes, turn up the volume, Bootloader Unlock (may void warranty)
  • No, turn down the volume. Do not unlock the bootloader or restart the device.

“OEM Unlock” Option

The last step to unlock the bootloader of your Samsung device, you must prevent the VaultKeeper service from relocking it. Complete the initial setup and connect to the internet. You are not required to log into your Google or Samsung accounts, although you may do so if you choose. After this :

  • Navigate to Settings > Developer preferences.
  • Scroll down until you see the ‘OEM Unlock option,’ then activate it.
  • By selecting the ‘OEM Unlock’ option, you may get prompted to enter your device’s PIN/Password (if you have set any). To proceed, enter the same.

That’s how you unlock the bootloader on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. There is no need to install ADB or Fastboot drivers or run any ADB fast boot commands from your PC. Your Samsung device’s bootloader will unlock in no time with buttons press.

How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Using ADB And Fastboot

Although it is sort of a hard process, if you’re wondering how to unlock bootloader Samsung using ADB and FastBoot, then you come to the right place.

  1. First, turn on your Samsung device’s Developer Option and OEM Unlock as described above
  2. To connect your device to the PC, go to the Developer Option and activate USB Debugging.
  3. Download and install the ADB and Fastboot Tools on your Windows computer.
  4. Then, using the original USB cord, connect your Samsung Smartphone to your PC.
  5. Turn the phone off and boot into Fastboot mode after connecting it to the PC by holding down the Volume Down and Power keys until the Fastboot mode screen displays.
  6. Now navigate to the location where you placed the ADB folder; alternatively, you may use the search option to locate the ADB folder and launch the command Windows.

Devices Supported

This tutorial is for all current Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, including the new VaultKeeper service introduced with or after the Galaxy S10. If you have a device from before that time, you may enable OEM unlocking and start the process right away.

Final Thought

You can now root your phone and install custom ROMs and TWRP recovery on it. But keep in mind that enormous power comes with great responsibility. Always make a complete backup of your device before doing any power-user tasks so that you can always restore and recover your data and settings.


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