How To Take A Screenshot On Google Pixel – Explained

Like most individuals, you frequently utilize your phone’s screenshot feature for various purposes. You might want to store something for later, or you might want to show something to your pals. Regardless of the circumstance, snapping screenshots is a crucial feature. This post will explain how to take a screenshot on google pixel.

Since they have been available for a few years, Google Pixel smartphones are well-known worldwide. Most customers who haven’t used such Pixel smartphones are curious about how to take a screenshot on google pixel. The Google Pixel includes a variety of techniques for taking screenshots, similar to any other Android device. This post will demonstrate several methods for taking screenshots on the phone.

What Is The Importance Of A Screenshot

A picture that captures the entirety of a phone display gets referred to as a screenshot, screen capture, or screengrab. The screenshots depict what is shown on your smartphone’s screen. Additionally, you may utilize screenshots for later use or to share with others.

Taking screenshots, preserving them, and sharing them may be helpful in the modern world. When paying a bill, for instance, you may snap a screenshot of the paid page and store it for later use. The Google Pixel 6 offers a variety of methods for taking screenshots.

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How To Take A Screenshot On Google Pixel?

So, how to take a screenshot on google pixel? Not all the ways listed below will work for any Google Pixel phone. Some older Google Pixel smartphones will offer fewer and more basic screenshot options than the more recent models.

These screenshots will instantly synchronize to the Google account because Google Pixel is indeed a Google device. So long as you get signed into your Google account, you may access them whenever you want from any device. We have included a variety of approaches, so you may test them out and settle on the one you like.

  • Using The Power And Volume Buttons

Many users are familiar with the standard power button snapshot. Most smartphones function similarly, allowing you to snap screenshots simultaneously while pressing the power and volume buttons. The Google Pixel smartphones also allow this. Learn how to use your phone’s Power button to snap screenshots by reading the instructions below:

    • A drop-down menu shows in the upper right corner of your phone next to the power switch when you press and press the power button. Hit the Screenshot button to capture a screenshot of this page.
    • Remarkably, selecting the Screenshot choice from the drop-down menu may also be done by pressing the volume down button.
    • Pressing both Power and Volume Down keys is an alternative to the above mentioned activities. For a screenshot to get taken on some phones, you might need to hold down the buttons for some time.
    • A little preview of the screenshot appears in the phone’s bottom-right corner once it gets captured. To examine or further alter the screenshot, touch on it.
    • The Capture Additional option may be available in some programs. You may enlarge and snap a scrolling screenshot if you press on that.
    • After editing or capturing scrolling screenshots, you may hit the Save button to add screenshots to the gallery.
  • By Using The Recent App Menu

The Recent App screen is another method for how to take a screenshot on a Google smartphone. You may take a screenshot of any recently displayed program by selecting the screenshot option when you tap on the Recent App icon.

Additionally, it will offer a snapshot preview that you may use to make changes similar to the described above. To access the screenshot function using the Recent App button, follow the instructions listed below:

    • On your phone, tap the Recent App icon.
    • Swipe up to access recent apps if you do not have the Recent Application button.
    • You may swipe left or right to pick any launched applications you see.
    • To take a screenshot of the selected application, hit the button below that says “Screenshot.”
    • Your phone’s corner will display a preview of the screenshot taken of the chosen program. Through the preview choices, you may modify or share the screenshot further, or you can choose to have it immediately saved to the picture gallery.
  • Google Assistant

A screenshot can also get taken with the aid of Google Assistant. Ask Google Assistant to snap a screenshot for you whenever you call. Check your settings if Google Assistant doesn’t capture a screenshot for you. To verify how to begin, take the following actions:

    • Get to the screen you wish to capture a screenshot of.
    • The Google Assistant may launch simply by saying “Hey Google” or using a shortcut.
    • Say “Capture a Screenshot” to the Google Assistant to instruct it to take a screenshot.
    • Your phone will immediately take the screenshot without you having to do anything.

Where Are Your Screenshots Stored On Your Google Pixel?

By dragging from the top of the display and clicking anywhere in the alert that reads “screenshot captured,” you can get to it. You will also get a somewhat obscured image of the screenshot.

You may access your screenshots in the Google Photos app if you’ve previously dismissed the notice by sliding it to the right or left side of your screen.

Swipe up from the home screen to see your applications and choose “Photos,” which features a vibrant pinwheel icon, to get there. You will then get presented with a chronological display of your images and screenshots. Switch to the “Albums” option and choose “Screenshots” if you’re looking for an older one. It will also be categorized and organized by date under the header “Photos on Device.”

Final Thought

To sum up, several different methods exist on Google Pixel for taking screenshots. Google did well in providing a few software tools that allow users to snap screenshots.

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