How To Speed Up A Video On iPhone – 2022 TUTORIAL

Are you baffled thinking about how to speed up a video on iPhone? Well, let us tell you; it is not as difficult as you assume. All you have to do is read this article from start to end!

The standard camera app on iOS is quite decent, and you can always find more advanced applications in the App Store. On iOS, minimal editing is available in the Photos apps.

However, you may also speed up the video, which is a great function. Would you like to create a clip using your iPhone in which time appears to move more quickly, just like the time-lapse feature? Do you want to speed up the streaming of a clip you captured with your Apple device?

Some iPhone users don’t know this option in their devices that how to speed up a video on iPhone. I’d say you’ve found the appropriate channel at the right moment. Read more about this exciting feature of an iPhone: how to speed up a video.

Quick Summary: If you’ve captured a clip using the iPhone’s Slo-Mo mode and wish to speed it up, open your clip in edit mode and use it with the vertical lines at the bottom. In the case of a regular clip, you can do that using the speed tool on Apple’s iMovie application.

What Does Speeding Up Videos Mean on iPhones?

It’s generally good to know what video is while increasing the speed footage. A video is a collection of static images displayed in short series to create the appearance of motion. iPhones are among the most regularly used smartphones for capturing photos and footage.

Speed-up video gets filmed at a standard frame rate and then sped up later. A longer delay between frames was used in time-lapse photography and subsequently played back at an average frame rate.

How to Speed up a video on iPhone

Speeding up video alters the pace of the images, significantly impacting the motion’s smoothness. In video editing, speed up a video is also known as fast-motion effects, which causes video frames to play faster than the actual pace.

Typically, the slow-mo impact gives us a detailed display that creates a bizarre impression, while speeding up the video adds more drama and humor. You may also make the video shorter by speeding it up and repeating the events repeatedly.

Time-Lapse feature of iPhone

The iPhone camera app has a time-lapse feature that allows you to shoot a brief clip (typically 30-40 seconds) that may condense up to several hours of footage. The time-lapse mode will enable you to capture events at a high-speed rate.

Thus if you record a video for 10 minutes, the resulting Time-lapse clip is only 20 seconds long. The final video appears to have gotten sped up due to this. Time-lapse films may be a lot of fun, primarily when they get utilized to record a gradual movement in nature.

The basic premise of time-lapse photography is simple: the video getting shot will be recorded at a lower frame rate than the original time. As a result, when you play it on your phone, you notice that time passes considerably more quickly than before.

To put it another way, when you produce a time-lapse video, your iPhone will shoot images as time passes. Then all of the photos will get merged to create a quick video.  Here’s a quick rundown on how to use your iPhone to take time-lapse images.

  • Run the Camera application on your iPhone.
  • To go to “time-lapse,” swipe to the far left side of the camera mode option at the bottom of the screen.
  • To get started, touch the red circle.
  • When you wish to stop recording, tap the red record circle again.
  • Your time-lapse clip will get saved in your Photos album.

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Some people confuse the Time-lapse feature with speed up. Multiple images are taken at regular intervals and then stacked together to create a time-lapse video. Sped-up videos get played at a faster rate than they got recorded.

iPhones get continually upgraded to include new video recording and editing features. You can play clips super-fast with a few clicks. If you have videos saved on your iPhone, you want to increase the speed. Don’t worry about How To Speed Up A Video On iPhone; follow the Guide below

How to Speed up a Video on iPhone – 2 Best Methods

You can’t speed up a video while it’s getting recorded, and a video that has already got shot can get sped up. We’ll explain how to speed up a video on iPhone in two ways.

You’ll need Apple’s iMovie application to speed up a standard video.

  • Go to the iMovie app and create a project.
  • From the menu that opens, choose ‘Movie.’
  • Choose the video you wish to pace up, then Select Create Movie.
  • The clip sequence will display in yellow, and editing tools will show at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the ‘Speed’ button to access the speed adjustments, which appears like a clock.
  • iMovie may increase the pace of your movie by up to two times. To obtain the required speed, move the slider.
  • Once you’ve finished your work, select ‘Done’ in the top left corner to save it.

You may share this clip from iMovie or save it to your camera roll.

The pre-installed Photos app is probably the simplest way to alter video speed from slo-mo to standard speed on an iPhone.

  • Go to the Photos application.
  • Select albums at the bottom and tap Slo-mo
  • Choose the video you want to increase the pace.
  • Tap on ‘Edit.’
  • A series of vertical lines run down the bottom.
  • Lines that are intact together shows the average speed and vice-versa
  • Slide your thumb across the slo-mo portion by touching the bar with the lines.
  • This adjustment will shift all lines to the close-together, indicating that they are running at average speed.
  • To save the video, choose Done.

Final Note

Whether you don’t want the film to stay in slow motion any longer or want to have some fun with it, you may speed it up. In that case, you don’t need any particular application to serve the purpose. As discussed in this article, you can do that on your iPhone.



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