How to skip songs with AirPods on Android? All Possible Ways

Do you want to skip music on the Android smartphone using the AirPods without touching it? That’s great news for you! This post will demonstrate “how to skip songs with AirPods on Android” for you so that you can quickly learn how to do it.

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How to skip songs with AirPods on Android? It’s easy to move on to the following song. To advance one track, double-press the pressure detector on the stems of each bud.


Utilizing the AirPods to switch tracks could be of value to you when you’re one Android user searching for a quick and handy method to accomplish this task without touching the smartphone. This post will demonstrate how to use the AirPods to bypass tracks on an Android phone.

We’ll start by showing you how and where to connect and prepare the AirPods for use by connecting them to any Android smartphone. We’ll then explain the precise procedures you can undertake along an Android smartphone to switch tracks using the AirPods.

What Functions are Available When AirPods have Linked to That an Android Smartphone?

Replaying Audio

Utilizing the AirPods, you may utilize any Android smartphone to listen to sound recordings like songs, audiobooks, as well as other audio programs.

Free-hands Calling

Calls made and received on any Android mobile may be handled using the AirPods.

Voice Command

To enable voice commands on any Android smartphone, utilize the constructed mics on the AirPods. You may accomplish this by saying a request and touching the exterior of either AirPod.

Tap Motions that Can be Modified

By heading to the Android smartphone’s Bluetooth options and choosing the AirPods out from the listing of linked devices, you may change the touch motions on any AirPods. The activities that are launched by solitary, doubled, and tripled touches on the exterior of each AirPod may then be selected.

Automatic Association

Anytime the AirPods are switched on, and within range of your Android device, a connection will be made automatically.

Audio with Less Delay

While playing these games or viewing movies, AirPods’ reduced audio codecs help any device’s sound and video stream more smoothly.

Extended Battery Life

With such a full charge, AirPods can provide a maximum of five hours of playback time. The battery pack extends the hearing duration by 24 hours.

How Can I Link My Android Mobile to My AirPods?

These procedures should be followed in order to connect AirPods to that an Android handset.

  • With any Android smartphone, turn on Bluetooth. You may accomplish this by navigating to the smartphone’s options and choosing “Bluetooth” out of the selection of choices.
  • Ensure the recharging case is powered before putting your AirPods inside.
  • Remove the AirPods from the power adapter.
  • You may find the AirPods inside the listing of compatible devices by going to the Bluetooth options on any Android smartphone and searching for them.
  • The connecting procedure will begin once you choose the AirPods from the menu.
  • Insert the Passcode from the Android handset into the charging case when requested.
  • The AirPods would show up as “Connected” inside the Bluetooth menu your any Android smartphone after the connection has been made.
  • There you go! At this point, the Android device plus AirPods must be linked and operational. With the AirPods, users utilize any Android mobile to make and receive calls, play music, plus utilize other audio-related applications.

Please take note that based on the brand and type of your smartphone, the particular methods for attaching AirPods to something like an Android mobile may differ. The basic procedure must, however, follow the stages mentioned previously. You might want to consult the instructions for your particular device or get help from the maker if you are experiencing any trouble communicating with the AirPods.

You must be capable of quickly linking the AirPods to any Android smartphone and begin employing them to play music, take calls, and much more, simply adhering to the steps mentioned. So, how to skip songs with AirPods on Android?

How to Skip Songs with AirPods on Android?

You may follow these instructions to skip tracks on such an Android smartphone while using AirPods.

To begin with, confirm that both Android devices as well as AirPods remain paired. To accomplish this, check the Bluetooth options on any device to determine whether the AirPods are shown as linked.

Launch the music player users are currently using if it is a subscription service. The next time you want to skip a track, do as follows:

  • Double-tap each AirPods exterior to access the next track.
  • Triple-tap the outer layer of any AirPod to return toward the last song.

You should be aware that now the details of skipping tracks may differ based here on the music application or streaming platform you are now using. Furthermore, by choosing the AirPods first from the listing of linked devices inside the Bluetooth options on any Android smartphone, users might be able to modify the tapping motions for the AirPods.

Why Choose AirPods to Change Songs?

Over an Android smartphone, skipping tracks utilizing AirPods is a simple and practical method to manage the music without relying on the smartphone’s display. With AirPods, anyone can easily skip tracks and manage the media while on the move, if you’re at your workout, out for a walk, or prefer to leave the smartphone in your pocket.

Using the AirPods to skip tracks on such an Android smartphone is often a quick and easy operation that only needs a few clicks. You must be capable of quickly as well as simply skipping tracks using the AirPods if you adhere to the previous instructions.

What Aspects of the AirPods are Incompatible with Android?

Several AirPods features are incompatible with Android smartphones, including:

The Automatic Swapping of Equipment

Depending on the device users are now using, AirPods could instantly transition between linked devices.

Automatic Identification of Ears

Whenever you remove AirPods from your ears, music playing might immediately halt before restarting when you reinsert them.

Find Me

The misplaced AirPods may be found using the “Find My” function there in the “Find My” application.

Audio Exchange

With just another set of AirPods and Beats earphones, you may exchange sounds using the “Audio Sharing” function.


Using the “Handoff” function, you may alternate between hearing music on an Apple Watch with any smartphone, iPhone, iPod, Pc, as well as other devices.

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