How To See Who You Blocked On Twitter In 2022

If you’ve ever used Twitter, you’re probably aware that it’s not without scammers or people who tweet nonsense. It’s as simple as clicking a button to block someone on Twitter. Whether you’re dealing with abuse, bot spam, or simply unpleasant interactions with other Twitter users, blocking accounts can help. If you want to know “how to see who you’ve blocked on Twitter” or “how to block a profile”, we’ll provide you with all the information you need.

How To See Who You Blocked On Twitter In 2022?

People may regulate their Twitter experience in a variety of ways, including restricting or blocking others. Here’s how to see who you’ve blocked on Twitter

How To See Who You Blocked On Twitter

How To See Who You Blocked On Twitter On iOS and Android:

  1. Tap the profile icon in the left upper corner. Now go to the settings menu and look for the phrase “privacy and safety”, and click on it.
  2. Move to the bottom of the page until you see ‘Blocked accounts; This should show you the accounts you’ve blocked on Twitter.

How To See Who You Blocked On Twitter On Desktop:

  1. Open Twitter’s settings on your desktop. By selecting your profile image in the top-right area, select Settings and privacy from the dropdown menu.
  2. Open the List of Blocked Accounts. From the side panel, select Blocked accounts. It’s near the bottom of the page.

Note: There is currently no way for How To See Who You Blocked On Twitter. Instead, it would be best if you inspected each profile of the person you suspect of blocking you on Twitter separately.

What is the purpose of Twitter blocking?

Being blocked by someone is unpleasant, both in person and on Twitter. Twitter’s blocking system differs from those of other websites. When you block someone, they can’t access your account anymore. Twitter does not let blocked contact you via tweet responses or messaging. They will also be unable to tag you in any of their posts, images, videos, or other media.

The posts and information they publish will also not be accessible in your timeline. Their tweets will not even show up in your search results, and they will not be able to view retweets of your tweets.

If someone bans you on Twitter, the procedure is mutual. Twitter will altogether remove your influence from their lives, assuring that they will never see any of your tweets.

If you’re curious about how Twitter’s blocking system works, it’s straightforward.

How To Ban A Twitter Account on PC

Here’s how to use the website to ban someone on Twitter:

  1. Go to the Twitter website and log in to your account.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the search box and type in the username of the account you wish to ban.
  3. Next to the Follow button, tap the Gear symbol. Block @username from the dropdown menu.

How To Ban A Twitter Account Using the Twitter App

Here’s how to use a smartphone app to ban someone on Twitter:

  1. Go to the user’s profile on Twitter and block them.
  2. In the top right corner, tap the three dots.
  3. From the dropdown option, select “Block @user.”
  4. Confirm that you want to block the person by clicking “Block” in the pop-up window. On the user’s profile page, a “Blocked” button will now display.

Soft Block -Twitter

When you soft block someone, you block them like you usually would but promptly unblock them. A soft block is different from a block in that it allows users to see your tweets and contact you directly while keeping you out of their feed. It creates the idea that they stopped following you by mistake or due to a Twitter problem.

Keep in mind that even if someone has been soft blocked, they can still follow you if they want to. You may still mute or block the person at a later time. This strategy might be helpful if you don’t want to do a complete block but need to free up some space from another user.

When Someone Gets Blocked On Twitter, Do They Get Notified?

Blocking on Twitter is a very stealthy operation that requires extra care. The fundamental goal of banning someone is to prevent unwanted interactions between the two accounts, and Twitter tries to make it as anonymous as possible. The only method to find out if you have blocked someone on Twitter is to go to your profile and see if you have blocked them. 

Blolook and other similar programs also can tell you how many Twitter accounts are blocking you. However, it just displays the total number of accounts, not their identities or usernames.

Twitter Muting: A More Fair Substitute to Blocking

When you mute somebody on Twitter, their tweets will no longer appear in your Twitter feed, and you will no longer receive alerts about their interactions with your tweets. Muting eliminates some of the discomforts that come with blocking or unfollowing someone who will almost certainly want to know why or find a new and exciting method to bother you.

It also means you can retain and increase your following without having to give their Tweets any attention. You’ll still appear among their followers, and they’ll be able to connect with you through other means on the site, such as direct message, but you won’t be able to see their Tweets in your feed.

  1. Go to the mute button on the profile page of the person you want to mute.
  2. On the page, click the three-dot menu symbol. From the menu, choose Mute.
  3. To unmute someone, return to their profile and pick the speaker symbol to unmute them.

Bottom Line

Twitter employees want their social media platform to be a safe and welcoming environment. However, there are instances when you need to block someone on Twitter. If you’ve ever forgiven them, unblocking them is just as easy. Now you know how to see who you’ve blocked on Twitter and how to block someone if you ever need to.

Consider changing to a protected profile if you want more power over being unable to see what you’re posting and interacting with.


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