How to Reset Sonos Sub? Step By Step Guide

Sonos provides the Sub, a fantastic gadget you could pair with the Sonos systems for such an absolutely thrilling music experience. However, if you currently possess a Sonos Sub, there’s a good chance you’re asking how and where to reboot the gadget. How to reset Sonos sub?

Quick Response.

How to reset Sonos sub?

1. Cut the charging cable out from the outlet.

2. Firmly hold down the Connect key on the back of such Sub. Reconnect the Sub’s electricity supply.

3. Maintaining pressure here on Connect button would eventually cause amber as well as white lights to blink.

4. Its flashing light changes to green, signaling that the reset is finished.


If you have a set of Sonos devices, Sonos Sub, their subwoofer, is a valuable addition. If you have the strong bass you are after, Sonos Sub provides it without causing much interruption.

There may be times when you’ll need to reboot the Sonos Sub, for instance, if you wish to sell this or link it to a different Wi-Fi connection. Thankfully, you need to follow a few easy steps to reset the device, and no technical knowledge is required.

The gadget would respond more consistently following the reset procedure, which might help to get a large number of software issues. The complete guide on “how to reset Sonos sub” is available here.

Please note that wiping the system’s information clean after resetting all its components will be irreversible. It can’t be fixed. Resetting the Sonos equipment is not a recommended step in the investigation process.

Volume in Subs

The loudspeaker may concentrate on generating greater bass and highs, while the Sub offers a pure subwoofer. By setting up the Sonos setup in the home automation, you can be guaranteed to obtain fantastic performance. Prior to learning how to adjust the volume, it’s crucial to understand specific terminology.


Makes adjustments to the kick drum and other low-frequency noises.


Acoustic guitar or singing, or other high frequencies noises, may be adjusted.


Raises or lowers a left or right sound network’s loudness. Any spaces with stereophonic outputs can have access to this feature.


Enhances specific frequencies, such as the bass, when the loudness is low. With audio played at low levels, the ear’s sensitivities will naturally shift, and this is intended to account for that.

How Can I Change the Volume, Balance, Treble, As Well as Bass?

Utilizing the Sonos application, you may quickly change the bass, treble, balancing, volume, or other parameters of the Sonos devices.

Android or iOS

  1. Launch the Sonos application.
  2. Select the system from the Settings menu.
  3. Select the desired room by pressing its name.
  4. To modify, move the bars after pressing EQ.

By first touching the loudness slider followed by the EQ symbol on the currently Playing display of the S2 application, you could easily modify the EQ options there.

PC or Mac

  1. Launch the Sonos application.
  2. Select Preferences and Settings from the menu.
  3. Choose Preferences from the Sonos drop-down list on such a Mac by clicking it in the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. Choose Settings from the drop-down option under Manage at the bottom of the window on such a PC.
  5. To modify the Sonos team’s balancing, click EQ Settings and choose a location from the drop-down list.

What Happens When you Reset?

In essence, it makes it easier for you to return all of the preferences to their original state. This implies that following the reset, all modifications you make to the gadget or something saved in its storage will be erased.

Through this procedure, a Sonos device will have removed the registration data and material stored in My Sonos, including streaming services. Before handing over ownership to someone else, this is a usual practice.

Because of the fact that the storage would be erased entirely, the gadget should also revert to its initial factory settings. Because of this, you have to bear it in mind constantly if you need to reset anything of the gadgets.

In the event that the Sonos application is unable to locate your device throughout setup, it could also advise you to follow this procedure. You must follow these instructions on every Sonos device if you want to delete data from more than one of the devices.

How to Reset Sonos Sub?

With the exception of Move, Roam, plus Roam SL, and any Sonos devices.

  1. Pull out the mains adapter.
  2. When reattaching the power cable, hold down on the Join key. Rather than pressing and holding the Listen, Pause, and Mute buttons when returning electricity, if the item lacks a Join key, one can use this technique.
  3. Maintain pressing the button till orange and white lights appear on the lights.
  4. Upon the conclusion of the procedure, as well as the device’s readiness for setup, its indicator will blink green.

Roam SL and Roam, Sonos

  1. To turn down the Roam, click and squeeze the power button for approximately five seconds just on the rear of the device. A chime shall sound, and the front-facing status LED will then switch off.
  2. Hold and then hold down the power switch here on the rear of the Roam while still pressing the Play and Pause keys.
  3. Keep your Play and Pause shutter buttons till orange, as well as white flashing lights, appear on the front side of the device.
  4. When all of the steps have been followed and the Sonos Roam is prepared for installation, the indicator should flash green.

Move Sonos

  1. Perform Move while recharging base is active.
  2. To turn the Move-out, click and maintain the shutdown key here on the rear for at least 5 seconds. A bell would sound, as well as the upper indicator LED would blink off.
  3. Push and then let go of the power switch while keeping the Join button down. Rather than placing the Move here on the charging dock and pressing the Join key, you could do so if its battery is dead so it can’t just turn on.
  4. Maintain your position while pressing the Join key till the orange and white flashing light appears on high.
  5. When everything is finished when that Sonos Move is prepared for installation, your led should blink green.

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