How to Make Games Download Faster on PS4 – Updated Guide

Downloads that get delayed and laggy are every gamer’s biggest concern. The PS4 is one of the highly renowned video game consoles, and the number of game files for PS4 has risen considerably in past times. This concern might not be charming when you wait for many hours for games and upgrades to download. That is why almost every PS4 user constantly seeks to make PS4 downloads quicker. As a result, it is vital to know how to make games download faster on PS4. If you are one of them, this article is just for you. It can save you loads of effort and improve your gameplay even more versatile if you do it correctly.  

Would you please keep reading to understand the methods in detail and additional suggestions to overcome the limitation of the poor download speed?

Why Do PS4 Downloads Take So Long?

Sony’s PS4, particularly the original 2014 edition, is known for its poor download rates. The most immediate question is, why are downloading speeds on the PS4 so slow? Downloads on the PS4 appear to be considerably slower than Xbox One and Windows PC, regardless of how good your broadband is. 

This issue is due to a technical constraint of the entire PlayStation 4 platform. This gap is due to a design issue in how the PS4 system interfaces with the PlayStation Network, through which it downloads data.

Note: The main reason behind this is that the PS4 device cannot download a massive volume of data from the PlayStation network at the same time. As a result, PSN gets forced to wait and arrange data. Sony’s logic for this automatic creep speed for downloads might guarantee users maintain a reasonable ping when enjoying the gameplay.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the slowness when the PS4 device downloads video games and perhaps other content. Well, in the next section, we’re going to discuss some ideas with you on how to make games download faster on PS4 and potentially time-saving.

How to Make Games Download Faster on PS4?

We will show you How to Make Games Download Faster on PS4 and give you some handy tips. It gets recommended that you try each approach in sequence until you find a solution that genuinely works.

Use Ethernet or LAN Cable

By far, the most incredible thing you could do to boost your PS4’s download rate is to plug the device into your modem or network through a wire. Wi-Fi connections are susceptible to interference and might be sluggish.

How to Make Games Download Faster on PS4  - ethernet cable

Using an Ethernet cable is the right approach to ensure no data loss in the process and that your device receives the most download speed. If your modem is nearby PS4, connect a cord from the device’s backside to a port on the modem.


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Use Better Internet Service

You could have been paying a lot for a relatively similar broadband service for a long. While average broadband is adequate for casual online surfing, it falls short of expectations.

If you attempt to download large items using your PS4, the speed will be extremely sluggish. Fiber broadband is the most cost-effective and efficient method of obtaining high-speed internet service and data rates.

Keep Your Console Close to the Router

The Wi-Fi performance of the console is considerably reduced by proximity and disturbance. Suppose your console and Wi-Fi get located in separate rooms separated by additional partitions. In that case, you’ll experience slow rates, perhaps less than an MB per second. Set the device and the modem adjacent with a straight line of view for best performance

Stop all running applications

Playing online video games with something downloading in the meantime is not a good idea. Doing this will significantly reduce your download speed. It’s also possible that the download will have a negligible effect on your functioning, causing latency surges and connectivity issues that might give you a significant disadvantage.

Note: Having many downloads paired up on your PS4 seems to have a similar impact. Because the PlayStation needs to share its bandwidth, it’s wise to postpone your other transfers if you’re eager to finish a specific download.

Download using Rest Mode

Many PS4 customers have stated that switching the device in rest mode allowed them to download items faster than average. Rest Mode might assist boost the performance of your PS4 if you have some spare time and aren’t using it right now. You can get your items while being in rest mode if you follow the directions:

  • Go to the Settings section on your PS4.
  • Choose power-saving options.
  • Select Configure features that are available in rest mode.
  • Select on the option to Stay Connected to the Internet so that your PS4 may resume downloading items while in Rest Mode

From the quick menu, Click Power and then ‘Activate Rest Mode’ from the menu that appears. Your PlayStation 4 will enter power-saving mode and proceed to download.

Configure DNS

Your console immediately joins your DNS; however, you can establish customized DNS network addresses if your standard connection fails. It has got observed that switching your DNS settings to utilize Google’s DNS server speeds up PS4 downloads fully.

  • Head to Settings and choose the network.
  • Select Configure Internet Connection.
  • Connect through Lan Cable or Wi-Fi and then click Custom.
  • Set IP Address as Automatic and for DHCP, choose Do Not Specify.
  • For DNS Configuration, click Manual.
  • Add as the primary DNS address and as the secondary.
  • MTU settings should get set to Automatic.
  • Click Do Not Use under Proxy Server.

After you’ve adjusted these parameters, switch off your PS4 and then back on again. Likely, you’ll observe that video games on the PS4 download considerably faster.

Bottom Line

Sluggish PS4 downloads irritate the significant number of PS4 owners, and it is feasible to boost the download speed of the PS4. As the article explains, all you have to do is attempt the appropriate strategy for your scenario.



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