How To Force Quit Safari? Several Easy Methods For You

Even Mac systems have the potential to hang temporarily or become unresponsive. The greatest thing you can accomplish in this situation is forcibly terminate the safari. There are various methods for doing this. The Apple Safari software could freeze or stop functioning if your resources are insufficient. It typically happens on Windows PCs but can also occur on Mac devices. Therefore, you can’t execute a frozen application on your Mac. Your productivity would get impacted; consequently, you must push yourself to stop and start over. However, how to force quit safari without crashing your macOS? This guide will demonstrate how to stop a Safari browser that is stuck or unresponsive forcibly.

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Because of resource limitations, intervention from a Safari extension, or other applications. You can encounter instances where your Mac’s Safari application is unresponsive. So, you are aware from personal observation if the Mac’s Safari application ceases to function.

Most of the time, you have to forcefully shut the application because you can’t normally exit it. Particularly in the toolbar, it is evident that the word quit safari gets presented as greyed out or faint. As an outcome, the browser is inactive, and all features are blocked. Let’s look at how to force quit safari.

How to Force Quit Safari?

We’ve provided four ways to force close a sluggish or unresponsive application. These techniques can get used to force-quit any open software on an operating System device, excluding the Safari web browser.

Apple Menu

You could forcibly shut any program from the Apple interface if an app is not functioning. The Safari browser also has the feature to terminate the active process. The steps below will guide you on how to exit safari from the Apple menu:

  • Select the Safari browser application while it is running.
  • To access a popup window, tap the Apple logo.
  • Select the Force Stop Safari mode from the display.

As an outcome, the Safari application must get forced to exit. However, if the application is functional, you may right-click on it from the taskbar and choose Force Stop.

Force Quit Safari Window

If the Safari browser doesn’t react, you could compel it to stop using the Force Stop Apps option. The Safari search engine can halt the running operation. When you cannot access the Apple interface for a particular reason, the Force Stop Screen for how to force quit safari would come in handy. This Force Stop Programs command would list all currently active and non-responsive activities, including background services.

  • Ensure that the Safari application gets turned on.
  • Tap the Apple logo on the top left side of your display.
  • After that, choose safari from the Force Stop Programs popup that displays.
  • Select “Force Stop.”

Note: Alternatively, you could raise the Force Quit Programs screen by simultaneously hitting “Cmd + Option + Escape.” Choose the Safari application from it, then click Force Stop.

After you verify once more, the application must now get forced to close so that you can reaccess your Mac to continue operating. The application could get restarted to function once again. Utilizing the Force Stop Apps option, you could secretly end the background use of the Safari engine.

Using “Cmd + Q” Shortcut to Quit Safari

Press “Cmd + Q” on a Macintosh to properly shut down the Safari application. It’ll then instantly terminate the application. To force the application to end, go with the accompanying instructions if the safari somehow doesn’t shut down.

Using Activity Monitor to Quit Safari

The Microsoft task manager and the activity monitoring are comparable. This software can help keep an eye on your Mac’s resources and kill or quit any unresponsive apps. Using the activity monitoring, follow these instructions to end the Safari browser operation:

  • Press “Cmd + Space” on your keyboard to launch the spotlight search.
  • Enter “activities” in the spotlight’s searching field.
  • Out from the list of options, click Activity Monitoring.
  • Out of a selection of Activity Monitoring apps, choose the Safari application.
  • To forcibly exit the Safari application, tap the X on the left side of the program.

Therefore, you could terminate or exit a non-responsive Safari application from an activity screen. You may do the same for any application you wish to stop.

Using the Terminal to Quit Safari

Even if you attempted all the ways mentioned above, you could use the Mac console to stop safari if it is not functioning forcibly. There are two instructions available. It enables you to stop safari with a single command.

  • Use “Cmd + Space” to launch the Console on a macintosh. Then it will launch Spotlight Searching and look for Terminal.
  • After that, paste the following information.

osascript -e ‘quit app “Safari”‘

Safari could get forced to close using a different code in the Terminal. It would end all of its operations.

Force Restart Mac

The procedures above or approaches won’t work if nothing else starts up or acts and your device is utterly faulty. You could, therefore, only restart your Macintosh at this stage after forcing all applications to close. The following are the instructions for closing applications and restarting a Mac:

  • Hold down the keys for “Control + Cmd+ Multimedia Eject on the keypad interface.”
  • Stop using those buttons when you notice your Macintosh switch off and back.
  • The system must allow you to sign straight in without any active processes.

Note: When you perform this, all applications will close without asking you to preserve any open projects or unsaved data. Preserve them if you have any before attempting the force reset.

Holding down the “Command + Power” key will also cause your Macintosh to shut down and enable you to restart it correctly.

Bottom Line

Now you know the procedure to quit safari. You’ll discover that these processes are simple, nevertheless. However, you may consider upgrading to the most recent macOS version if this happens frequently. Or wipe everything on your Mac to get everything back to how it was before.


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