How To Delete A Tiktok Story? – Here is The Easy Method

The best part would be that TikTok functions remarkably similar to other popular social networking applications of the present. Additionally, you have the option of deleting any stories you mistakenly uploaded. So, if you’re determined to erase that unintentionally published TikTok story, here’s how to delete a TikTok story.


Although TikTok joined the story party much later than expected, it did so with a roar. The TikTok app had added the ability to preserve and remove stories to improve the TikTok interface.

It’s entertaining to present short-form material with these TikTok stories. Don’t worry, though, if you accidentally shared anything humiliating on the story and don’t know how to remove it. How to delete a TikTok story is detailed here.

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Stories On Tiktok

With the new TikTok Story function, users may now post films or photographs that vanish after 24 hours. By navigating your TikTok app, you could have found the story’s panel.

TikTok enables users to read Stories for 24 hours, much like other networks. Similar to ordinary TikTok videos, such Stories are displayed on your For You Section. Additionally, you may “like” Stories and post a public remark. Since you may usually only respond to the individual who uploaded the story on specific sites, TikTok Stories differs from others. 

Even though they can show in the For You Section, TikTok Stories wouldn’t appear on accounts like a typical video. You can tap a user’s profile photo to access them. A light blue ring will be around one’s photo when they submit a Story to TikTok.

It appears that TikTok added the Story function in response to the enormous user appeal of the Instagram Account. Instagram stories and TikTok both have certain features in common, but they also differ in other ways.

  • Instagram & Tiktok

Unlike Instagram, TikTok does not let you access the identities of the viewers of your posts, just the number of times they have seen them. TikTok with Instagram Stories varies from each other in that you can submit public remarks upon the former while not on the afterwards. Instagram Stories may only be responded to via private messaging.

How Can I Upload A Tiktok Story?

Following are instructions on how to add content to the TikTok Story.

  1. Ensure that TikTok is up to date and loaded on your smartphone.
  2. Access the profile page.

Your account image will accompany a blue circle beside a white plus symbol.

  1. Press the blue circle once.

If you want to add a video or a picture to a Story, you may go back and forth between the two options.

  1. Take a picture or clip, share it from the photos app, and then apply the filters and music you like.
  2. Share your Story.

The white Post your Story icon will be visible when you are prepared to publish the story. Press this button when you are ready to post something to your TikTok Story.

It frequently happens for people to share a sure Story on TikTok and then quickly second-guess their choice. We’ve covered if you unintentionally uploaded a Story to TikTok and would like to take it down. The following section will discuss how to delete a TikTok story.

Tiktok Story Deletion

The TikTok app makes it very simple to remove stories. There’s no need to be concerned, although if you unintentionally publish a few reels or movies as the story. The best thing is that no one will know you unintentionally posted a story you later deleted.

With that stated, let’s walk through the process of removing a TikTok story.

  • How To Delete A Tiktok Story?

The instructions below explain how to remove a Story from any TikTok account.

    • Once the smartphone launches the TikTok application, hit the “Profile” option within the bottom panel.

To open the TikTok application, press its icon on any smartphone.

When you reach the “Home” page, navigate to the bottom page and click the “Profile” icon (it looks like a human face).

    • From the “Profile” tab, touch again on the profile image to view your story.

After that, your account symbol will be shown in the page’s middle on the “Profile” tab.

Browse your story by giving it one tap.

    • Inside the “Story” window, tap the options button.

Enter the narrative you just posted, move your cursor to the right-hand side of your window and select the main menu button (it looks like three horizontal dots).

This action causes a menu to appear at the bottom of the screen.

    • Select “Delete” from the option that displays.

Pick that “Delete” option from the menu by giving the icon one press.

    • To remove the article from the system, select “Delete” from the pop-out dialog.

You’ll notice a pop-up notification after selecting “Delete” that gives you a choice to withdraw or continue with the deletion of the narrative.

Choose “Delete” from the menu by touching it once because you want to eliminate the narrative.

You’ve entirely erased the TikTok Story, congrats. You may delete your TikTok story by following these five easy steps. The story cannot be recovered after it has been erased from the account. 

To be sure that you have removed the story, restart your TikTok application and tap upon the account symbol again.

  • What Happens If A Tiktok Story Is Deleted?

The potential consequences of deleting the story on TikTok are all stated below.

– You may respond, share, as well as comment upon TikTok stories, apart from on Instagram and Facebook, but you’re unable to reply to them. No new or changed Direct Messages discussions will result from deleting your narrative snap.

– Another crucial point is that, unlike when you edit your profile, nobody is alerted of any modifications, including when you delete a TikTok story.

– TikTok hasn’t yet implemented variants for TikTok stories, in contrast to Instagram, wherein you may archive the feature of your beautiful stories.


A few easy techniques may be used to check out the process of removing stories on TikTok.

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