How To Change Etsy Shop Name

Until you find your rhythm, you do not know the brand name that can power your business. So, when it comes to the right time or the right tip, you suddenly come across How To Change Etsy Shop Name. So, here I am to guide you on easy steps.

No need to hurry. First, we need to find out can you change your Etsy shop name? The short answer is yes, but there is something you want to know. So, read carefully and follow the steps to the solution.

You must remember Before you Change Your Etsy Shop Name

  • Etsy’s shop name needs to be within 20 characters.
  • Your Etsy shop name becomes a part of the shop URL.
  • Punctuation or spacing is not allowed.
  • Allow only 5 times to change once the Etsy shop is Open.


You can change Etsy shop name any number of times before it goes to the live status


  • You can’t use old shop names as your new shop name. It is not allowed to use old Etsy shop names.
  • For more details, you better follow the Etsy guidelines.


Change Etsy Shop Name : Step By Step Guide


  • First, you have to login into your Etsy account.


  • Then, check on the top right side of the screen and click on the “Shop Manager” icon.


  • Once the “Shop Manager” opens, click on the “Settings” on the left bottom of the menu.


  • Next, The “Settings” will open, and you have to click on the “Info & Appearance” menu item on the left top of the menu.


  • Then, Click on the “Change” in the “Info & Appearance” screen.


change etsy shop name
Change etsy shop name with etsy shop manager


  • Next, type your new name on the “New Shop Name” text field.


  • Click on the save, and will pop up a confirmation message.


  • Finally, click on the “Change Shop Name” button on the confirmation box.


how to change name on etsy
How to change name on etsy

What Happens When You Change Etsy Shop Name

Etsy itself will notify the community that you have changed your shop name. You will see a shop icon showing that you have changed your Etsy shop name to new as below. It will show for 45 days. Your shop URL will change accordingly.


What Happens To My Etsy Shop URL When I Change Etsy Shop Name

The name you are going to choose will be a part of the shop URL. So, your current URL will change to the new shop name as below example Etsy shop URL. All your previous URLs will redirect to the new URL.


Eg : and 


All your previous URLs will redirect to the new URL. You do not need to worry about any prior use of data for marketing, link sharing, or anything. Those URLs already belong to you, and no one cant get them back. So all those previous URLs wil work as it is.


Why I Can’t Change my Etsy shop name

As I mention throughout the article, there can be few reasons for your question, and make sure to follow the below checklist.

  • Once your shop opens, it only allows five times to change the shop name. So you must check did you reach the limit.
  • You can’t do many things in the storefront as most of the changes need to be done through the “Shop Manager.” So, you need to change the name on “Info & Appearance” on the “Shop Manager” feature.
  • Follow the below Things to Remember topic for more details


Things to remember

  • First, check the Etsy shop name is available. If the name does not exist, it will show an “Already Taken” message.
  • You cannot use a previously use shop name again even if it belongs to you earlier.
  • The name will not appear in the Etsy search result if the shop or the user is closed already.
  • You can’t use a previous shop name even if that account is closed. Instated, you can try to reopen the same shop on that account.

Tips For Choosing an Etsy Shop Name

When it’s come to the names, there are two types of name types call  Descriptive Names and Abstract Names. Descriptive Names are names that give a hint about the business within the wording.


Eg: TestJewelry


Once you see this, you know it would be a Jewelry shop. So the Abstract Names are more different than those names and will not give more priority to the products or the business. Here, it mostly depends on the

                  • Readability
                  • Pronunciation
                  • Number of characters
                  • And the easiness of the branding branding

If your idea is to choose an Abstract Name, it’s better to prepare at least five name ideas. Once you have ready with your name ideas, you can evaluate your name idea on for free without creating any accounts.

It’s a free website that gives you the best online report on the industry about brand naming. If you are going to build a brand, this is a must look place for you






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