How To Change Battery Color On iPhone? – Complete Guide

We all enjoy giving our smartphones unique touches, so they reflect our personalities. One of perhaps the most important icons in the Notification Center is the power indication. Therefore why not give it a splash of color that’s both playful and distinctive? How to change battery color on iPhone?

How to change battery color on iPhone has probably been on one’s mind. We’ll assist if you wish to give the phone a few unique accents.

The Battery Symbol

It displays your smartphone’s battery life and is an element of the notification center. According to the status of your charge, this power supply image’s color varies. You can check how much battery is left inside the iPhone by tapping the power symbol, indicating when you need to recharge it.

You could wish to alter the hue of a power symbol from white to green, red, yellow, or even orange, for example, better to match the design and graphic design of the iPhone. The conventional iPhone indication color, in contrast is often white or red denoting a really low charge, yellow indicating a reduced power option, and green marking that now the phone has adequate energy or is recharging. 

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Can I Change The Battery To Any Color?

The reply would be a strong no. If the iPhone is still not Jailbreaked, you can’t customize the color of the battery indicator icon.

When an iPhone is jailbroken, Apple and App Store-imposed software limitations are lifted, and privileges can be increased. Installing an app that allows you to modify and preset various colors for various battery percentages is possible when you have a Jailbreaked iPhone.

How To Change Battery Color On iPhone?

The indicator’s hue can be changed by doing the procedures below.

Method 1: Using iPhone Options

– First, open the phone Settings screen, select General, after which battery, then finally, select the Switch on rechargeable batteries percent option.

– Along with that small lightning strike, a lineup will appear in the notification center, displaying the remaining battery life.

– Utilizing the toggle, activate the Reduced power option now.

– As soon as you do, your power symbol will become yellow.

The only method to alter the hue of a power indication onto an iPhone without installing an application is by using this method.

  • How Can I Change The iPhone Battery Symbol To White Or Black?

Whether you choose white or black will rely on how your iPhone’s screen looks. Accordingly, the charged color would’ve been black while your screen is set to the Light mode and white when it goes into the Dark mode. Therefore, you may select from a white and black energy symbol on the iPhone simply adjusting the screen.

  • How Can You Change The Power Color To Red, Yellow, Or Green?

Whenever the iPhone runs low in power, the battery symbol becomes red. Utilizing upwards of 90% of the energy is the only method to obtain a red cell hue.

While the iPhone is being charged, a green color appears. In reality, when the battery is charging, users receive both a lightning sign and a green color indication on the charge indicator. You might think of the green charge hue as that of the iPhone’s recharging symbol. 

Whenever the Low – power wide Option is turned on in your iPhone, it becomes yellow. This is commonly performed to increase the time your smartphone’s batteries will last by operating everything during a power-saving state.

  • How Can I Make The iPhone’s Charge Color Purple And Blue?

All the hues on the screen are reversed using the Classic Invert function on that iPhone.

    • Click on “Low Power Mode” under Device’s Settings.
    • After that, click “Accessibility” under Options.
    • Select “Display & Text Size” after that.
    • Then, activate the “Classic Invert” switch.


    • Set up charging for the iPhone.
    • Open the Settings app afterward.
    • Now, after descending, touch “Accessibility.”
    • Then select “Display & Text Size.”
    • The control option for “Classic Invert” should then be activated.

Method 2: Make Use Of A Third-Party Application

There are several all-encompassing third-party programs available. The smartphone must first be jailbroken, though.

  • ColorMyBattery

ColorMyBattery would be one of those applications. You may tune this incredible app to fool the iPhone in original ways on Jailbreaked versions of iOS 11 and newer versions. You may customize the image’s size, form, and color using ColorMyBattery in addition to the hue of the smartphone’s power indicator.

– It can be installed by adding the BigBossCydia repository in Cydia, which provides its services for nothing.

– Afterward, tap BigBoss on the Cydia main screen.

– On the following page, there are many optional third-party modifications; look for ColorMyBattery and choose it to turn it on.

– After that, ensure the settings have the iPhone Battery Remaining activated.

– Then, select the colors you wish to utilize for poor, moderate, and elevated concentrations of power inside the ColorMyBattery tweak’s settings window by returning to Options.

– The color intensity may be changed quite easily. To adjust your preferred color, hit any colored ring. You can select various colors for each 10% increase in battery capacity.

  • Smoothbattery

One of the freebies Cydia modifications that let you choose the hue of your power indicator is called Smoothbattery. Changes in symbol style, labeling text color, and numerous other configurable features are all possible with different settings.

Every iOS 7, 8, and 9-compatible iDevices may use this tweak, which is downloadable for free via Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Additionally, it works with all Jailbreaked smartphones.

– Open the Cydia application and use it to download the juices beta tweak before selecting Sources.

– Choose Edit, and Add afterward when.

– Right now, type URL through into the text box.

– Add the BigBoss repository by pressing the one key.

– Launch Cydia, look up SmoothBattery, then download it.

– Please wait 10 seconds after respringing the iPhone so that it can restart itself.

– The charging sign may now be managed to change in color.


With the iPhone, there is a reason behind each of the power indicator’s hues. They provide information about your charge levels and the status of the iPhone battery. How to change battery color on iPhone? You must Jailbreak the iPhone first if you desire a personalized battery indication icon.

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