How To Block Emails On iCloud

There could be several reasons to block emails on iCloud. More importantly, it would be best if you acknowledged. There is a high percentage of scamming emails going around by targeting innocent, insecure people in the digital world. So it’s not a surprise that people are looking for answers on how to block emails on iCloud.

While we guide you through, you will find out there are different ways to solve this problem. You can choose this as the most appropriate and most manageable way to block emails on iCloud. So, Let’s dig it in.


Attention! You must know that once you block emails on iCloud, all the related emails go to the trash folder and delete it soon. You will not be able to open them after that.


  • First, “Sign in” to the iCloud by entering your apple id and the password.
  • Then, Click on the email icon on the iCloud screen.


iCloud email login
iCloud email login


  • In case if your mailbox is not displaying and you want to open it. Click on the arrow icon [ > ] on the top left of the screen.
  • Select the email you want to block the sender.
  • Next, click on the Settings” menu icon bottom left corner. 

    iCloud email settings
    iCloud email settings
  • Now, click on the “Rules” menu item once the menu opens.


iCloud email ruler
iCloud email ruler


  • Then, the pop-up box will open up, and select the “Add a Rule” on the top right part.


iCloud email add rule
iCloud email add rule


  • Now another small pop-up box will open with in the first one.
  • Click on the “is from” text under the “If a Message” label. And enter the email address.

Note:  If you select an email in the early stages as we guide. You can’t find the “is from” text there but the email address you choose earlier.

In here, “is from” means the email address that you want to block on iCloud. 


iCloud email move to trash
iCloud email move to trash


  • Next, click on the dropdown under the “Then” label and choose “Move to Trash”.
  • As the final step, click on the “Done” button to complete the rule.


People also Ask FAQ

What happens when you block emails?

There are several possible things to happen once you block emails on iCloud. You will find various options to select on iCloud emails as below. The result will be different based on the option you choose.

  • Move to Folder

When you select this option, The emails from the email address chosen will move to a separate folder that you gave. The emails will not delete in this option, but you will not find them inside the inbox. The related emails can see in the folder you gave


  • Move to Trash

If you selected this, The emails from the chosen email move to the Trash folder. The emails will delete in this option soon after they appear in the trash folder in iCloud email. You will not find them inside the inbox or anywhere as all delete permanently.


  • Forward to

If this is your selection, You can provide an email id to send when you receive any mail from the email address you choose. This option will not harm any emails from the selected email address but forward them to a given email address.


  • Mark As Read

This option will mark as read all the emails from the selected email address. All the emails will remain in the inbox, but they are not showing as a new iCloud email at any cause.


  • Move to Folder and Mark As Read

This option is another alternative with the combination of the above two items. So, This will move all the related emails from the selected sender to a specific folder you gave and mark them as read simultaneously.


  • Move to Trash and Mark As Read

Another combination of the two options. In here, mails from the selected sender will move to the Trash folder as Mark As Read


  • Forward to an Email Address and Mark as Read

The final option is also a combination of the two options. As it says, It will forward the mails from the selected sender to a given email address and make them Mark as Read. So, They will show as already read.


How do I block an email address in iCloud?

Block an email address in iCloud is the same kind of a question that people ask in the community. As I explain in this article, you can find all the answers you are looking for in this question with an easy guide. Please read carefully from the beginning.

How do I permanently block emails?

Permanently blocking an email is no different than this article. It only makes delete all emails from a selected user. in addition to that, you can use the filter option in the iCloud mail to make them spam emails

How do I permanently block an email on my iPhone?

This is bit a tricky question as we do not the email client you use. But in the common form every email client like gmail and iCloud mails have the Add rule option as well as the filter option. By using one of the you can overcome this situation. If you wish to continue to know how to block emails on iCloud please make sure to read it from the beginning.

Does iCloud block certain emails?

This question can happen in many ways if your sender may identify as a spammer. In this case, you may find those emails in the spam folder, and you can revert them to your inbox if you like. Meantime maybe this can happen if you add a rule to block the email or any ruler. Based on the ruler, the result can be different.


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