How to Add Avatar to Tumblr Theme? Personalize Your Theme!!!

Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform that lets you post different types of content. You are free to customize most features on your Tumblr account. A Tumblr avatar is one of the major things you need to customize to attract more followers. Thus, today we discuss how to add an avatar to the Tumblr theme in this blog post, along with the requirements for a Tumblr avatar. Each and every detail is clearly described in the below paragraphs, so be ready to add the avatar to your Tumblr account.

What is a Tumblr Avatar, and Why is It Important? 

Tumblr avatar is the profile photo on your microblog. It is displayed within a square frame. When you post something on your blog, the avatar is displayed next to the post as a thumbnail and on your dashboard. And also, the avatar appears on the main page of your blog.

It can be seen in the follower’s feeds close to the ‘Follow’ button. The location of your avatar depends on the layout of the Tumblr theme.

If you like to upload the avatar as a header image on your blog posts, Tumblr also facilitates doing so. There are some default avatars, but it is possible to make changes.

The avatar is the dominant icon that represents your Tumblr account. Therefore, you need to be wise in using an attractive image for the avatar because it involves establishing the identity of your blog on Tumblr.

What are the Requirements for a Tumblr Avatar? 

The dimension of the image is 128 × 128 pixels, so the aspect ratio is 1:1. The minimum size is 64 × 64 pixels. You can upload an image in JPG or PNG formats.

Moreover, it is possible to upload a GIF as an avatar. But the maximum size of the image should be 10 MB. The image is taken into a square frame. Thus, the original quality of the image is not loosed.

Make sure to follow the aspect ratio because rectangular images do not appear in a proper way.

What are the Requirements for a Tumblr Avatar

You are always encouraged to upload a clear and bright image as the avatar on your Tumblr account.

When you change the avatar using the ‘Appearance’ option, it will change on both mobile and web views.

How to Add Avatar to Tumblr Theme?

  • Add Avatar on Tumblr Website 

  1. Open on your web browser. Then log in to your account.
  2. At the top corner on your right side, you will see the account icon; tap on it.
  3. After that, tap on the username underneath your blogs.
  4. Then you can see an option called ‘Edit Appearance.’ You need to click on it.
  5. There is an icon that looks like a pencil point; click on that icon.
  6. When you click on the icon, a pop-up box will appear. You should tap on ‘Choose a photo.’
  7. Finally, you can select an image from the gallery on your pc.
  • Add Avatar on Tumblr App

  1. Open the app and click on the ‘Account’ button on your home page. The button is in the right-handed corner on the bottom line.
  2. Next, you should click on the ‘Theme’ button. It will appear in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Again, you will see a pencil point icon. Tap on it to add a suitable avatar.
  4. Next, you should click on ‘Choose a photo.’
  5. Choose the image you want to add from the gallery of your smartphone. Then the image will be uploaded as your avatar.

How to Choose the Perfect Avatar for Your Tumblr Theme? 

The avatar plays an important role in your entire blog’s appearance. The avatar, the title of the blog and the description are engaged with your blog. Therefore, you need to think twice before choosing an avatar. The tips mentioned below will help you to decide what image would be the perfect for Tumblr avatar.

  1. Use a high-quality image which is compatible with the requirements of a Tumblr avatar. It would always be better to use an image that reflects the theme of the blog. Follow the particular dimension, aspect ratio and size of the image that are mentioned above sections.
  2. You should choose a colorful and clear photo that keeps the aesthetic aspect of your blog. Avoid using blurred or unclear images.
  3. Do not use confused or cluttered designs for your Tumblr avatar. Yes, you have to be creative but confused designs will not provide a better image about your blog.
  4. You can use photo-editing software or application to create a unique image for your Tumblr avatar. If you do not have enough knowledge in order to do that, you can get the service of a professional graphic designer.

Customization Options for Your Tumblr Avatar 

As we mentioned once, it is okay to add an image in different formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF. Usually, there are no profile images in GIF format on other platforms; you can take advantage of it on Tumblr.

If you prefer a normal image, you can choose whatever you want as the Tumblr avatar. And it is possible to view a custom theme of your blog using the avatar on the dashboard.

You can change the shape of the avatar as well. when you click on the pencil point icon, you will see another option called ‘Shape.’ There you can select a round or square shape for the avatar.

Why Can’t I Change My Tumblr Avatar? 

As we mentioned in the above section, there are some specific requirements for a Tumblr avatar.

If you have chosen an image of a bigger size than 128 × 128 pixels, the image will not be uploaded.

Another thing is the image can blur if it exceeds the recommended size. And make sure to upload an image that does not weigh more than 10 MB.

And if you use a mobile phone to upload the image, it may take some time to complete the update.

So, you have to be patient. When you view it for the second time, it might have been uploaded. Or else you need to clear the cache and re-login. Otherwise, there are no hidden barriers in uploading the avatar on Tumblr.

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