How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application available on iPhones and Android phones, and PCs running Windows and Mac OS X. You also can access it from any web browser. The service is similar to text messaging, but it is significantly less expensive than texting since WhatsApp delivers messages via the internet. Whatsapp is used to keep in touch with loved ones, family, and friends. Whatsapp offers similar functions to other applications in a more efficient way. This article will see how the WhatsApp block features work and how do you know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

Is someone angry with you?We can’t help you with that, but we can tell you why you are not receiving their messages.

What happens if someone on WhatsApp blocks you?

A block option is available in nearly every program, and the WhatsApp block operates in the same manner. Users may use block options for various reasons, and the restrictions listed below get imposed on the individual who is blocked.

  • In a split second, the profile image or DP of the person who blocks you will vanish.
  • You won’t be able to check the section of that person.
  • You will not get to see their status or stories
  • You will be unable to contact them via phone.
  • You may put them in a group.

 “How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp?” Follow these Methods

If you don’t want someone to message you on WhatsApp, you can block them; so, How to tell if someone on WhatsApp has blocked you. It’s not easy to know whether a contact has banned you on WhatsApp, but you can figure it out by following a few simple methods.

Try sending them a message before moving to any of the steps

You will not get any Whatsapp alerts indicating that another user has banned you. So first ty sending them a message. Even you are blocked, Your message gets delivered as usual, but it will not reach its intended recipient. So, let’s try sending a message to check if there’s only one tick. If you’ve been waiting long enough for them to respond, they’ve most likely blocked you, and at this stage, you’re wondering how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

  • Method 1: Check their Profile Picture.
  • Method 2: “Last Seen.” Feature.
  • Method 3: Call them on Whatsapp.
  • Method 4: Make a new Whatsapp group.
  • Method 5: Third-party Application.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp?

Check their Profile Picture

The first step is to examine the profile photo. If you can still view profile photos, you haven’t blocked by them yet; perhaps they’re too busy or furious to send you a message.

If you could see the other person’s DP before, and now instantly it disappears, it implies they’ve blocked you. It is a quick and straightforward procedure, but it does not guarantee results because they might have just deleted their profile image for the time being.

“Last Seen” Feature

WhatsApp’s “Last Seen” feature lets users know when another user last used the application. You can see from this feature whether they used WhatsApp but didn’t reply to you. It appears at the top of the chat. If your contact has blocked you, you will no longer be able to see their last seen.

Call them on Whatsapp

Calls from blocked contacts get restricted in the same way that text messages are. When you attempt to contact a blocked number, it just displays the status of the calling, but there will be no indication if their phone is ringing or not. If the call status is Ringing, it means the other party has not yet blocked you.

It may be possible if their internet is off at the moment, so this method will not also confirm whether you are blocked or not.

Make a new Whatsapp group

This approach will undoubtedly inform you whether or not the person has blocked you. Users can’t create WhatsApp groups with those who have blocked you on their phones. To create a new group on WhatsApp, follow the below steps

  1. Open WhatsApp and click the + icon.
  2. Choose that individual from the participant’s section and Try to form a group with them.

If you successfully established the group, it means the other person hasn’t blocked you on WhatsApp. If you get an error message while establishing the group, the person may have stopped you from sending them any text message.

Note: Another thing to remember is that WhatsApp users may choose whether or not to let those who are not on their contact list join a group with the most recent update. If they have removed your contact number from their phone and enabled the option, you will not add them to the group.

Third-party Application

Suppose you can’t send messages or call the person to check whether they are online or not. Third-party applications are available in android and iPhone to track the user WhatsApp activity. Enter the target user’s phone number, and the application will begin monitoring their activity. If the monitoring program indicates that the user has gone online, but you don’t see their Online status in your WhatsApp account, the individual has most likely blocked you.


There are numerous techniques for identifying whether or not someone on WhatsApp has blocked you. It might be easy to locate at times, but it can sometimes be challenging if any of the above solutions worked for you and you found out that the user has blocked you.

It’s important to remember that there might be a legitimate reason for it if you get blocked. As a result, take care to respect the person’s privacy and preferences who have blocked you on WhatsApp.


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