Chrome Task Manager: The Essential Tool for Managing Your Tabs and Apps Easily

As I like to help the community by writing some answers and explanations to their tech questions, I found that most people do not know about the “Chrome Task Manager.” So here I’m again sharing my experience and knowledge.

Google Chrome Task Manager is one of the cool features that Chrome browser provides. It allows users to find out details of the resources that are using by the browser.

       As I mentioned above, you can find each tab you open in the browser as a separate process with separate details within the task manager. In addition, you will see the details of the extension as different processors.

Open Up The Task Manager Google Chrome

  • Firstly, Open your Chrome Browser
  • After that, Click on the Three Dot Menu Icon on the top left on the browser as below “Figure 1” image.
Chrome task Manager
Figure 1 : Open Menu
  • Once You done above. It will show up the menu as below “Figure 2” image
  • Now, Click on the More Tools as below “Figure 2” image in red color number 1
Task Manager
Figure 2 : Open Task Manager
  • Once you click as above, Task Manager will open as below.
Chrome Task Manager
Figure 3 : Chrome Task Manager

What you can do more…

  • Once you open the task manager, As you see in the below Figure 4 red color box, you can move your cursor over one of these boxes. You can drag by clicking to the right or left and expand the column.
Expand Column - Chrome Task Manager
Figure 4 : Expand Column – Chrome Task Manager
  • After that, as shown in Figure 5, the red color box below, you can move your cursor over one of these boxes. You can order by clicking on the name of the column.
Ascending Descending - Chrome Task Manager
Figure 5 : Ascending Descending – Chrome Task Manager
  • To add additional data to the task manager view
  • Use the mouse right click and It will open up all available column names
  • In here, You can find some columns are mark with “✓”  icon. Those are the columns that are view in the task manager
  • After that, You can add or remove columns by clicking on the name as below Figure 6 image
All Columns
Figure 6 : All Columns
  • Next, As you see in the above step. I clicked on Start Time
  • After that, Start Time details column will appear in the Task Manager as below Figure 7 image
Selected Column
Figure 7 : Selected Column
  • After that, As you have seen in the below Figure 8 image, You can select a process by clicking and clicking on the End Process below Figure 8 image to remove it.
  • It will disconnect the connection between the process and remove it from the Task Manager.
End Process
Figure 8 : End Process
  • Finally, You can see your removed process-related tab as below Figure 9 image
Removed Process Tab
Figure 9 : Removed Process Tab

If you are still not using the chrome browser here is the link to try it out.


People Also Ask

How do I open Chrome Task Manager? 

To open the Chrome Task Manager, click the three dots in the top-right corner of the Chrome window and select “More Tools,” then “Task Manager” from the menu. The Task Manager will open in a new window, displaying a list of all the tabs, extensions, and apps currently running in Chrome.

How do I stop so many Chrome processes?

If you have a lot of Chrome processes running, you can use the Chrome Task Manager to stop them. To do this, open the Task Manager, select the process you want to stop, and click the “End Process” button. It will close the tab or extension and prevent it from running in Chrome.

Why do I have so many Chrome tasks? 

There are a few reasons why you might have a lot of Chrome tasks:

  • You may have a lot of tabs or extensions open.
  • You may have a lot of apps installed.
  • You may have a lot of tasks running in the background.

To manage your tasks, you can use the Chrome Task Manager to view and stop tasks as needed.

How do I close Chrome Task Manager?

To close the Chrome Task Manager, click the “X” in the window’s top-right corner. It will close the Task Manager and return you to the main Chrome window.

Why is Chrome still running after I close it?

There are a few reasons why Chrome might still be running after you close it.

  • It could be running in the background due to an app or extension, 
  • It could be set to reopen your last session, 
  • It could be running on a virtual machine.

 You can use the Chrome Task Manager to view and stop tasks as needed to stop Chrome from running in the background. To prevent Chrome from reopening your last session, you can disable this feature in the settings. If Chrome runs on a virtual machine, you will need to shut down the virtual machine to close Chrome.

Find the details on info-graphic way

Chrome Task Manager infographic
Chrome Task Manager infographic

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