Can You Plug a TV Into an Extension Cord? – The Correct Way!

If you bought a new TV or moved the old TV to another place, the next thing you worry about is this tricky question – “Can you plug a TV into an extension cord?” Because it will affect the safety of not only TV but also any electrical product. So it is worth knowing the answer for this question.

The article will discuss the possibility of plugging your TV into an extension cord as well as what you should focus during this procedure. So, stay tuned till the end.

Power Cord vs Extension Cord

First, let’s see what the differences between these two cords are.

What is a Power Cord?

Power cords can be defined as hardware used to exchange alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). A metal such as copper is often used to manufacture these. Then insulated with a plastic coating.

What is an Extension Cord?

These are made in different sizes and lengths. The main task here is to bring the electricity from a place where there is a power supply to an area where there is no primary source of electricity or supply.

The main difference here is probably the nature of their use and structure. Even a device located at a certain distance can receive electricity through an extension cord.

Can You Plug a TV into an Extension Cord?

Of course, we know you are worried about the safety of your TV. But out of necessity, we have to face this situation. So let’s see if you can connect a TV to an extension cord. There are several things you should know here.  Let’s talk about this in detail.

Yes, you can plug your TV into an extension cord. But you must follow specific safety standards. Also, you must pay attention to the quality of your extension cord. Always avoid cheap generic extension cords in the market as much as possible since it would be a treat to your safety.

If you are concerned about the safety of your TV, you should use a specially designed heavy-duty extension cord. It is hoped that the necessary power supply for heavy electrical equipment will be provided properly. Otherwise, your electrical equipment may be damaged. Plugging a heavy electrical appliance into a standard extension cord will cause extreme damage, such as overheating or melting the insulation.

Is It Safe to Plug a TV into an Extension Cord?

Your TV can be connected to an extension cord without any problem. But let’s assume that another heavy appliance is used in your home. For example, suppose there is a refrigerator. At that time, if you connect your TV and refrigerator to the same extension cord at the same time, your equipment will inevitably have electrical danger.

Along with this, having some knowledge about a TV’s power consumption will help you ensure your equipment’s electrical safety. A typical new-style TV shows a power consumption of around 10-117 W. Always check your TV’s wattage. Then you will get an understanding of the most suitable extension cord and the amount of electricity that can be used at the same time.

Pay attention to the following matter. It is dangerous to use an extension cord that has been repaired.

What Kind of Extension Cord Do You Need for a TV?

It is time to discuss what right extension cord are. Here are some things you should be aware of. That’s the wire gauge, length, etc. Wire gauge affects the current the wire can carry and how much the wire heats up. The length of the wire affects the voltage drop. It is vital to be aware of the impact of these matters.

There are also several types of extension cords available in the market. By choosing the right extension cord for your electrical equipment, you can ensure the safety of your electrical equipment. First, let’s see what your options are. There are three types: light-duty extension cords, medium-duty extension cords, and heavy-duty extension cords.

  • Light-Duty Extension Cords

The wires here are very thin and can be connected only with very light devices. The other thing is that there is not even an underground wire here, so connecting a TV is dangerous. This is only suitable for light electrical appliances like lamps, clocks, etc.

  • Medium-duty Extension Cords

This is very suitable for using TVs and computers. It also contains an underground wire, so the danger is reduced. It is not difficult to use light heavy electrical equipment. Using a medium-duty extension cord to connect your TV is always a good idea.

  • Heavy-Duty Extension Cords

These are especially suitable for use with heavy electrical equipment between 10-15c.

How Many Things Can You Plug into an Extension Cord?

Never connect more than two electrical devices into an extension cord. The main thing is to be aware of the power consumption of the devices you connect. Also, you must pay attention to whether your electrical appliance is light-duty or heavy-duty. Avoid plugging two heavy electrical appliances into an extension cord simultaneously.

Does Using an Extension Cord Result in more Electricity Usage?

If you give a direct answer to this answer that you have, there is no such particular use of electricity. The primary use of an extension cord is to carry electricity to a required location. There is no electricity consumption in the extension cord. Let’s say that if you use a TV, its electricity consumption is only calculated as usual. It does not unusual consume electricity because it is connected to an extension cord.


The main question you had at the beginning of this article was whether it is unsafe to plug a TV into an extension cord. So we discussed the types of extension cords and their uses and how to choose a suitable extension cord and clarified our problem. Now it is crystal clear to you! So, we believe that you will not get into trouble if you would have to face such an issue hereafter.

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