Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular [Best Comparison]

Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular [Best Comparison]


What are the unique differences between Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular? You might not easily recognize the difference between Apple Watch GPS vs. Cellular at first sight. The Apple Watch has unique features that aid the effective living of the user. Some of those unique features include heartbeat rate, walkout tracking, as well as sleep.

Comparing the Apple Watch GPS and Cellular, there is a Digital Crown surrounded by a red ring on the Apple Cellular version. The Digital Crown is almost identical to that of the GPS except for the difference in the inside of the Digital Crown on the GPS version. 

Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular

As we dive into the comparisons between Apple Watch GPS vs. Cellular, let us consider some features of the Apple Watch GPS-only. 

Features of Apple Watch GPS

Of the two versions of the Apple Watch, the least expensive is the GPS version. You should not consider it as being cheap because it is a premium Apple smartwatch. 

The GPS version can play offline music. Also, the GPS music player can store numerous music and you wouldn’t have to worry about boring workouts. The GPS version has sensitive sensors which can monitor the heartbeat rate, detect falls, and so on. 

Note that the GPS version has several versions. For example, the sensor for detecting the saturation of blood oxygen features is limited to the Apple Watch 6. 

The Apple Watch GPS can send notifications and yet not bring your iPhone up. You can track the following workouts on the Apple Watch GPS:

  • Elliptical
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Stair stepper
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • And so on. 

The Apple Watch GPS also supports the use of third-party applications. Hence, you can integrate as many third-party apps with the Apple Watch GPS as you want. 

Furthermore, notifications can be sent directly to the Apple Watch GPS from your iPhone. So, it will not be mandatory to pick up your iPhone all the time to check for notifications. However, for you to receive notifications from your iPhone on your Apple Watch GPS, you must pair the two together. 

Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular

Pros of Apple Watch GPS

What makes the Apple Watch GPS version different? Let’s consider them one by one:

  •       Battery life

You can trust the smartwatch for longer battery life. 

  •       Onboard music

You can play offline music on your GPS smartwatch with a music player that works offline. Also, you can save as much music as you want on it if your storage capacity permits it. 

  •       Inexpensive

If your budget is not fat and you desire an Apple smartwatch, the GPS version is a good alternative. 

  • Lastly, if you own an Apple GPS smartwatch, you wouldn’t have to bother about monthly carriage costs. 

Cons of Apple Watch GPS

  • Zero talk battery life
  • It has no Apple music support
  • Again, the Apple GPS smartwatch lacks the Family Setup Support
  • You must always go with your iPhone because it lacks a cellular chip. 
  • You cannot get it in materials other than aluminum. 

Features of Apple Watch Cellular

Though more expensive than the Apple GPS smartwatch, the Cellular smartwatch has more features. The Cellular model can stream the Podcast application as well as Apple Music. 

There are many series for the Cellular model. Some of the series are series 4, 5, and 6, respectively. The space capacity of each of the series differs, which can come in materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. 

You can enjoy the international Emergency SOS on the Series 6 model. This feature, however, is not a factor of having a cellular plan or not. 

Pros of Apple Watch Cellular

  • You don’t have to go around with your iPhone all the time with the Cellular smartwatch model.
  • It has Apple music support
  • The Cellular smartwatch model has about 15 hours talk battery life
  • You get it in materials other than aluminum. 
  • The least model of the Cellular smartwatch model has a space capacity of 16 GB.
  • Again, the Apple Cellular smartwatch model has the Family Setup Support

Cons of Apple Watch Cellular

  •       Expensive

Do not consider buying it if you are low on your budget. 

  • You can not get the Cellular smartwatch model for Series 3

Band Options for Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular

The band styles and case materials have numerous variations. It is thus impossible for you not to get the exact type of what you want. Notwithstanding, all of the smartwatch models do not come with the same band options. 

For example, you will pay extra money for the band to get the aluminum version with a Milanese loop. This additional charge is not calculated with the amount you purchased the smartwatch. 

However, to save some money, you can get some compatible third-party applications that offer quality bands for Apple Watch. 

Battery Consumption of Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular

The battery life is a crucial factor to consider when considering which version of the Apple Watch to purchase. 

On the aggregate, the GPS version battery life can last for a minimum of 10 hours. The 10 hours of battery usage consists of heart rate monitoring, average time checks, iPhone sync, and so on. The battery usage time is good and sufficient for the day’s routines. 

The Cellular model has strong battery usage as well. Unlike the GPS model, the Cellular model has Cellular chips, which are responsible for why its battery gets drained quickly as compared with the GPS model. 

Connectivity of Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular

The GPS version is only dependent on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS to access the internet or sync with your iPhone. The GPS smartwatch is best for those who are mostly having their iPhones with them all the time.

The Cellular connection feature is an advantage for the Apple Watch Cellular model. Accessing the internet is very easy once you get your iPhone connected. Irrespective of the location of your iPhone, with your Apple Watch Cellular model, you can still make calls, access the internet, text, or chat. 

The Cellular smartwatch model connectivity feature offers more freedom and no need to carry your iPhone everywhere you go. 

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