5 Tips for Using Facebook Live For Business

As the community growing with Facebook, It’s a largely free market for advertising. If you want to improve yourself in this advertising market. We are here to give you some tips on “Facebook Live For Business” with our experience. 

Here are 5 tips for growing your business with Facebook Live.

Absolutely unique content

Absolutely unique content

As we know, one of the big news in social media content is live video streaming. At the end of 2011, Snapchat came out of the woods with something entirely new: live video sharing. From there, services like Periscope or, less well known, Meerkat, developed live content, taking mobile video to a whole new level.

Brands and businesses using these tools must be able to deliver entirely new and unique content to their viewers, as stated in the title. And now that Facebook Live is widely, if not completely, used around the world, businesses must take advantage of the wave before it’s too late and there are deserters.

Recent research has revealed that around 80% of internet users say they have watched more live content in the past 2 years than before. The audience is already there and knows what a brand has to offer, but they must use social media to constantly promote new content.

By using Facebook Live in your content strategy, you are providing your audience with an instant, real-time source of content that is second to none. Businesses are still wondering how to properly use Snapchat to get the most out of it, but with Facebook Live, you’re producing the famous “unique content” as soon as the feed is launched.

The hardest part will be finding the content that interests your audience. So schedule your live video just like you would anything else. The live has the advantage of providing unedited and unfiltered content. Which doesn’t mean you should start a live video without a plan of action.

A profitable video strategy

A profitable video strategy

No matter who you are or where you are from, brands always look for profitable strategies when it comes to using social media marketing. And with the influx of videos, it becomes a lot harder to stay on budget and deliver great content that can grab the attention of your followers.

Facebook Live takes some of that stress away. Undoubtedly, most clients appreciate the “live” and unedited configuration of live recordings. No need for a high-end camera, scenery, or special editing and effects skills. Facebook Live is live, it is direct.

All it takes is a smartphone to post content to your Facebook Live feed. On the other hand, don’t let your limited budget weaken the quality of the content. So while the recording is to be profitable, you still have to deliver content that viewers will want to watch.

Another thing: Facebook Live is not suitable for all types of visual content on your business page. In other words, know how to keep a mystery. Try not to uncover everything about a product, administration, or organization news with Facebook Live. Instead, use live video to highlight your earnings, successes, team outings, employees, or other on-site content.

More excitement around product launches

product launches

To complement the previous point, Facebook Live is suitable for many special events, but not all. One event in particular that is most successful with Facebook Live for business is without doubt the release of products or offers. Live videos are raw and often unedited, which means that as a viewer you don’t know what to expect. This emotion is excellent for evoking the enthusiasm for a new product or a new service.

You can also clearly tell the target that the video can be in talk show form. Thus, the live leaves even more room for error or provokes funny and above all unscripted conversations. The experience of new live videos excites and encourages users to come back for more. We all know how difficult it is to build brand awareness through Facebook, but anything that helps create a cohesive audience will come in handy.

Have a better connection with your audience

connection with your audience

One of the strengths of Facebook Live for business is undoubtedly its personal approach to your content. Lots of brands use Facebook Live as a quick Q&A session with no big production behind the content.

For example, sometimes a marketing company will be uploaded to Facebook with videos instantly answering questions on a specific topic. The expert will answer questions and provide advice and updates on the situation, in real time for viewers.

What’s even more telling is that 90% of Millennials and 79% of Baby Boomers say answering questions on social media is cool instead of boring. So you need to make the effort to respond and engage with your audience.

Increase awareness around community events

awareness around community events

As mentioned above, Facebook is a great network for promoting community events and other discussions. If you’re looking to use Facebook Live, you could start by promoting a community event. Promoting events, gatherings or groups can be difficult for brands due to constant updates. This means that users can see ads and other visuals that keep asking them to sign up. However, Facebook Live presents opportunities to discuss upcoming events with other people, in order to involve them.

Real-time videos create a deeper connection between brands and users, so you can tackle upcoming events directly and more effectively. Try using Facebook Live to increase awareness of special events, especially if your advertising opportunities are low.

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